Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mr. Sun

Yesterday, Nathan had to work and I was left with NOTHING to do. So I decided to make some hair flowers and then when that was over, ten minutes later, I decided to go outside and paint a frame.

I sat on my drive way for three hours sanding, painting, repainting, and detailing a picture frame. I loved it! I didn't bring any music out with me. For the first ten minutes, I wished I had brought music out. After a while, I felt so relaxed. There weren't fifty million things going on in my brain at one time. It was me, that picture frame, the sun and silence.

I listened to my neighbor's saw. I listened to my other neighbor spray down their fence. I heard punks skate by and talk about their "stoner friends." I listened to the cars come by. I talked with some passing neighbors. It was simple. Derek blew bubbles (then spilled them all), then Chan blew bubbles (and did not spill any). The kids drew with chalk, rode their bikes and told me all about their imaginary trip to Tokyo. It was awesome.

I love the simplicity of silence. Yes, music is awesome, and I love listening to it, but it feels awesome to just let my brain relax. School was horrible, and I felt so overloaded. Yesterday, spending a huge amount of the day in silence, I feel like I could go another half a semester. So if I spend the rest of this week in silence, I think I'll be ready for summer semester! Woot!

p.s. I called Dean, from Disney, his phone was off...probably on set. I'll try again another day.

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