Sunday, May 15, 2011

Two Individuals. Hah. hah. Hah.

I was just thinking about this today. How bizarre is it to love someone? I mean really. So here you are, wandering around. One single individual.

You're you. You're one person. You're an entire being contained in one package. one. I am Morgan Mikel. I was born as one person. (At least I'm pretty sure of that.) I was born as one person, separate from anyone, or anything, else. God made me this way. Evolution put me here. What have you. I am Morgan. I am here.
 Not only was I born as one, single individual, Nathan was, too. God created him as one person. Evolution threw his genes together. (Ceiling cat allowed him to live?) Nathan is Nathan. He has likes and dislikes. He has favorites and even more favorites. He has good days and bad days. He is Nathan. he is separate from me. He is separate from you. He is Nathan.
But here we are, being single people and BAM! we are together. It's not that people were created to be together. (maybe they were, but I don't think so...) People were created as individuals. We are animals just like tigers, and lions, and bears (oh my!). Lions, tigers, bears, dogs, cats, llamas, hippos, rhinos, etc. are all created just to create more lions, tigers, bears, dogs, cats, llamas, hippos, rhinos, etc. They mate to make more to mate to make more to mate to make more, etc. So what are we doing? What makes us be together. What makes us go from individuals wandering around to individuals having a purpose and desire?

I bet there is some super high-tech, scientific explanation for it, but I have no idea what it is. It's magical either way. I can get along with a lot of people, if I choose to. I can sit in a room full of people who have nothing in common with me and I can have a good time. I could sit in a room full of people who love everything I do, and hate everything I do, and I could choose to not get along with them. It's all choice.

So what makes us, as humans, want to compromise and sacrifice and mold ourselves just to be with someone else? Someone else who has to bend, mold, and sacrifice for us. Why don't we just go around and mate to create kids who will make kids of their own, etc?

Someone once told me that a lot of women grow up thinking that someday they will be whole when they meet the perfect man. I think that's just an excuse to be whiny and have problems. I don't see why God would create someone "not whole." And if you believe in evolution, then there is no way that you are not whole. Your DNA isn't going to click into place when some dashing man sweeps in and dazzles you. Your weaknesses and fears won't all vanish once that "perfect someone" falls into your lap. It just doesn't make sense. If God were to create you as half a person, then you couldn't honestly believe that He loves you, could you? Why would He make you dependent on someone or something other than yourself and Him? It makes no sense whatsoever to believe that you are less than whole.

I am Morgan. I choose to fit my life to fit Nathan's. I love doing it. =) I love how we can go along being individuals, making our own choices, chilling on our own, then one day we decide to fit together. How magical is that? I could have chosen anyone at random. I could have walked up to some person and convinced them to mold to It's all choice. But I chose Nathan. Nathan chose me. Your dad chose your mom (at least temporarily for those of you who come from "non-traditional" families). Adam chose Eve (yes, he did have a choice: Eve or death...). I am still Morgan. I am still the same girl that I was before I met Nathan. Nathan is still Nathan. As far as I can tell, he is the same now as he was before me.

Love probably has a scientific explanation. It's probably a brain function that my brain cannot comprehend without a very detailed drawing. It could be a chemical reaction in our blood that our ESP can pick up. It could be pure magic and come from pixie dust that cupid sprinkles on us in our sleep. It could be any number of things, but it doesn't matter. It's simply amazing that two, entirely whole, single, individuals can be born separate and end together. Like PB&J...but better.

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