Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

Guess what! I'm back! I'm back in business, baby! Sort of. I haven't been able to use my brain for the past week, which is surprisingly hard.

Things that use brainpower:
  • computer
  • TV 
  • Movies
  • writing
  • reading
  • living
  • breathing....

So basically, I have done NOTHING for the past week. Nathan has spoiled me like none other, and it's been amazing! He spoils me all the time anyway, but I was extra spoiled. =)

Now it's better, though. And I get to do stuff! I get to watch movies, read books, and write!! I also get to blog for you! I'm still really scattered though, and too much over-processing hurts. I have a hard time getting to places without getting distracted and lost... I can't talk on a phone and look at a computer. I can't walk and talk too well... walking and chewing gum, that's out of the question! (Jk on that last one.)

You know how it feels when you sit on your leg and it becomes extremely numb?  You can poke your leg but you can't feel it... you clearly still have a leg, but you can't walk on it... yea, that's how my head feels. I can tell I have thought processes going on, but they just won't come out! Like a word stuck on the tip of your tongue. It sucks...

And I totally forgot everything else I was going to say... Stay tuned, I may remember! In the mean time, laugh at this pic with me:

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