Sunday, June 12, 2011

Short and Sweet

This has gotta be short, sweet and to the point. I haven't been posting a lot because I've been wicked busy. I barely have time to sleep. Why? Because I'm doing an internship on a film set, working full time, and attempting to help in the remodeling of my home. Poor Nathan is taking this the hardest, he barely gets to see me. It's really unfortunate. But let me update you on some of the EVENTS and stuff that's been going on lately:

  • Working on the set of "Inside." It has become one of the best experiences of my life. I will never ever forget it and all the fun I've been having. 
  • Working full time at Vivint... it really has worn me out, but I'm making a lot of awesome friends there! Soon, I'll actually have girl friends! haha. 
  • Rachel and I are working things out. (stay tuned and I'll explain that when I get more time)
  • Yesterday was Summerfest. That has always been the highlight of my summers. I love going. I especially love going with my family and Nathan. 
  • Nathan and I got these sweet rings. I'll post pictures up later. 
  • More unplanned parenthood, but this time, I do get a little prep time. 
I know there are more things to write, but I really can't think of them...especially since I gotta go to work now. I'll update again later, in the meantime, here's a parrot riding a bike! ENJOY!

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