Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Open BOTH Eyes When Aiming"

A few weeks ago, I went shooting with Charles. (By the way, I suck at it.) He was nice, and didn't make me feel too stupid. Charles kept giving me little tips, like stand up straight, bend this elbow, straighten this elbow, lean forward, pull back, don't anticipate the kick, and open both eyes when aiming. To be honest, I don't know how to aim with both eyes. It makes sense that I'll hit the target more often when using both eyes, but I just can't do it.

While opening both eyes is important in shooting, I feel like it's important for other things, too. Like driving, playing sports, reading, and campaigning. Today I read an article in the Daily Herald about twin sisters from the U that have started a campaign for women. The main image in the article was a billboard that the sisters created.

The article talks about their campaign to help females realize that societies views of beauty is false. That's awesome, but it's only one of many many many campaigns doing this. Every campaign like this one has the same goal: to get women to see their true value and to tear the media down. This is an admirable goal, but I don't think they'll ever accomplish it.

That sounds incredibly pessimistic, but just listen for a sec. Females everywhere are being bombarded with media images of what? There are pictures and products everywhere that make us believe we need to be something we're not. We see tall, skinny, perfect women. It's a fact. Now, it's awesome that people like these sisters are trying to change the way we think, but they're missing the main target. Who is creating these images? Who's behind it all?

"Well duh, Morgan, clearly the media. You just said that yourself." I sure did, but who is behind the media? Who is the marketing agent that's paying people to create these images? THAT'S who you need to target. It's men. Plain and simple. Women are in the marketing business, but they have only recently got there, relatively speaking. Men have controlled this planet for centuries. Women haven't gotten their foot in the door until the last 60-70 years. While women may be in the marketing room now, telling people to create the images, it wasn't always that way.

It began with men. They created the "perfect" woman. They pasted her all over the billboards. They put her face on bottles, and bags, and posters, and ads. They made shirts for her, and pants, and underwear. Men did it because they know they're in charge. If a man can convince another man that his wife is not beautiful, the man will always believe that.

We can create endless campaigns to remind women of their true worth, but it will never due us any good. Men will still see women the same as they always have unless we change that too. Companies are not going to change their product ads; those ads make them money, why would they stop? They'll stop when they stop making money off of them. They'll stop when men start saying "Hey, wait a second, that's disgusting! Women don't actually look like that."

Just like when doing target practice, you need to open both eyes for campaigns. Now, if someone can come up with a solid campaign to remind men that women aren't just pretty little toys, they'll make millions.

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