Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Entertaining Myself

Sometimes I get incredibly bored when Nathan is at work. I'm supposed to be coding right now, but I'm just so bored with it. All I think when I code is "Open. Close. Open. Close. Enter. Enter. Open. Close. Open. Close..." so boring! While coding, I'm watching America's Next Top Model. But it's not keeping me very entertained, at all. So I'm going to write a story, for my entertainment. If it entertains you too, that's fantastic! Let's begin.

The clock ticked softly on the wall. Second after second, she listened and waited. The footsteps she'd been waiting for rose quickly from the silence. Her breath caught in her chest. For what seemed like hours, her eyes remained locked on the door. There was no way out, save for that door. The footsteps ceased. Letting her breath out slowly, she tried to slow her racing heart. There wasn't much time left, and she knew that. As soon as that doorknob turned, she would need to move. She waited.

The light leaking through the bottom of the door, the light that had been giving her at least some hope, was blocked. Shadow swallowed the hope. Slowly, the knob turned on the door. Every muscle tensed in her petite body. The hope that had vanished returned as light spilled into the room. A dark figure cut a strong shape into the warm light. It was time.

well that was fun... I really should get back to work now. Before I do, please, enjoy this:

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