Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Real Post

So I'm "done" coding for right now. In other words, I quit. I cannot code. I can't handle doing that for too long. If you've ever coded, you know what I mean. If you haven't...I don't suggest it.

There are so many more exciting things I can be doing right now. I could go put gas in my car (because driving to Mapleton takes gas). I could go out and take pictures (I'm slacking on that). I could work on my storyboard--no, wait, that's as bad as coding, nevermind. I could keep watching ANTM, but its getting old.

Or I could tell you about what I do for work right now. Or what I have been doing anyway. I've been working on the show "Dining with the Dean." It's on BYUTV...so yes, it is incredibly clean and is most definitely rated G. Here's a link:


Although the show is a little...um...calm? It's a blast to work on. I love it. I love the crew to pieces.


When I first stepped onto the set with this crew, I felt extremely comfortable already. When I walk onto any set I feel comfortable, but this was different. It was home. I felt like I'd already worked for these guys for ages. It wasn't hard at all to adjust to their styles. It was a really odd experience. It wasn't deja vu, but it was. I knew who everyone was, what they liked, how they operated, and I hadn't spoken to any of them. This is what I was supposed to be doing.


Now that I've worked a few shows with them, I've definitely adjusted fully, and I love it. Working film is what I love, but I especially love these guys. I can't say that enough. This is definitely a group of people I want to work for for a very long time. In fact...they did talk to me about working for them on their resort work. So cross your fingers!!

What else is going on in my life? School...a lot of school. Not that that's bad. I love the people I go to school with. Sometimes I get incredibly irritated, but at the same time, we're all aiming for the same goal right now, and if I can just deal with the annoying people, we can accomplish our goal.

So it's October...know what that means? PUMPKIN CARVING! Nathan and I have some big plans for this pumpkin carving season! ;) Stay tuned for that.

I'm pretty sure I've said this, but for the first time ever, I have a true girly friend! Not only that, I have 2!! 2 girly friends! Timera and Robyn. I love them to pieces.

I can't even tell you how much I love spending time with Robyn. And just talking to her is great! It always makes me smile.

I love story time with Timera (if she ever becomes a teacher, she needs to have "story time with miss timera"). It's fun. We're both at somewhat the same stages in life, and it's great to have her there. =)

Thanks to both my girly friends!

Well, I have to pee, so I'm gonna wrap this up.

I built this, so please enjoy and don't knock it too hard. I'm working on making it better.

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