Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sapphire and Ruby

God sent an angel to walk the earth. With the appearance of mortality, the beautiful angel glided through life eternal on the growing planet. Never changing, the angel resided in a small village, that in time, also grew. She saw many a family come and go; many friends passed on. Though she never changed, her heart became filled with sorrow, a sorrow no one would ever see.

On a cold night, the angel sat at the top of a hill. She watched as the townspeople tucked themselves away for the night. Under the stars, in the breeze, she cried. The angelic tears coated the grass, creating blades of silver and gold. She poured her soul and begged to be taken. Her pleads received no replies. Lost and alone, the angel dragged her body back to her home, leaving the metallic grass behind.

It was a myth among the elders and a story among the children that only angel tears could create such a beast. Many believed the beast rose from the tears of an angered angel, meant to destroy the wicked and bring peace to the land. Others believed the tears gave life to the fire-breather as a protector to the angel, and to destroy those who caused the tears.

Whatever the truth was, the townspeople awoke to a loud roar on the warmest night in recorded history. The angel had not yet fallen asleep. She rested at the bedside of a dear friend who would not live to see the next sunrise. Her prayers were filled with requests for comfort for the family of the soon-to-be deceased. The angel's final prayer was interrupted by deep vibrations she not only heard, but felt. Her heart stopped. Only one creature could make such a noise.

The angel ran to the window and looked toward the south. From atop the mountain rose a flame and a screech. The great beast spread its wings, taking flight up into the night sky. A great shadow fell over the town and it's fearful people. As the great being neared the ground, the shadow grew. The beasts giant feet touched the ground with a grace beyond that of any other creature that size. Folding in its large wings, the great creature waited. It waited through the night.

Many in the town fled, leaving behind their friends. Others cowered in their homes. All of them were filled with curiosity, but no one wanted to approach the giant. The myths and stories spread again as they did in the ancient days. Everyone speculated, no one knew, save for the angel.

Days passed and the beast did not move. Though it appeared harmless, no one dared go near. The angel lied in bed, hiding from not the beast, but the people. In the blanket of night, the wind whispered to her. "Come. Come to me." The angel did not come and the whispers became screams within her soul.

One night the screams became unbearable. The angel knew she must face the beast. With determination and fear, the angel faced the beast. The wind was silent, as were the townspeople. They watched in horror as the beautifully mysterious girl faced the great beast.

"Dragon!" the angel called out with her heart. "Why have you come?"

The beast did not move. "Your tears have given me life," the wind whispered to the angel. "They have given me a task."

"What task is that?"

The dragon extended it's arms toward the angel. In each clawed hand, he held a stone. One ruby and one sapphire. "I have come with a choice for you. Choose the sapphire and you will have peace for the rest of the eternities. You will remain immortal, but you will have endless peace and hope. Choose the ruby and you will become mortal. You will have pain and suffering, but it will end upon your death."

The angel stared into the fire-filled eyes of the dragon. Her heart burned. Knowing the townspeople were watching, she made a decision. "I will take the sapphire."

"A wise decision you have made." The dragon spit fire onto the blue stone. From the fire emerged a necklace containing the sapphire. "Wear this and all will see you as a beacon of comfort and hope. Do not take it off."

The angel did not speak. She accepted the necklace. The townspeople grew weary with sleep. Now comforted, they found peace in sleep. The angel remained in front of the dragon. "What becomes of you?"

"I must guard mortality until the end of time."

"Surely you must rest. I will guard the stone for you for the night while you sleep."

The dragon resisted the offer.

"I will help you. You must rest."

The dragon fell victim to the peace and hope of the sapphire. He blew fire onto the ruby. A beautiful charm bracelet emerged. The angel accepted the burning silver and ruby jewelry. The dragon's eyes fell with sleep. The angel waited.

When the sun rose in the east the following morning, screams echoed in the hills. Gold blood ran down the streets. The great beast lay dead where it had once sat patiently waiting. The angel entered the streets. People felt an instant peace. She declared hope and peace. The people of the town followed her. They cleaned the streets and burned the great dragon.

Whispers soon broke out of what had happened to the other stone. The angel said nothing. She knew that owning both stones gave her a power comparable only to the Great Destroyer.

Day by day she smiled and served. She held those who were sad; she fed those who were hungry; she loved those who needed love. Night by night she released her power. She slayed those who were wicked in her eyes; she destroyed that which did not bring peace; she tempted those who would follow, then destroyed them in the name of peace.

The angel from Heaven would never die. She was immortal and felt no pain. She was a peace bringer; she promoted only that which was good, and burned that which was not. No one would ever know of her power, for the only witness to her receiving the ruby was dead, for he did not promote peace in her eyes.

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