Thursday, September 1, 2011

Urban Dictionary

Makenzie: makenzies are sooooooooooo cool. if you dont know a makenzie, you have to get to know one, and if you do but you arent friends with her, youre just a fat hoe! she will love the man she loves now and will never let him go. you must be the luckiest person alive if you are dating a makenzie. she is the most loyal friend and she is super pretty, smart, attractive, cool, popular, cute, loving, and wonderful person alive. everyone loves a makenzie!

Chandler: 1. (n)meaning one who brings light
2. (n)one who is gifted beyond measure; often on a soccer field
3. (v)to show, prove, or establish dominance over another being; often one who is inferior in skill or intellect

Braxton: The best boyfreind you could ever have oh and did i menchin hes hot,a great kisser,and good at many things!!!!

Derek: Someone you CANNOT get off your mind because he is always so funny and cute. A Derek is a hotty with a killer body.

Nathan: A guy who is caring and intelligent and is superior to all even God.He is loved by all his mates and is there for everyone who has problems and is a great listener.He is so caring and such a strong fighter that nothing can beat him.He is the kinda guy you want as a mate or a lover.A legend at the guitar and guitar hero.He is just an amazing happy person who is easy to love.He has a very nice personality and is very easy on the eyes and is very cute.He is a perfect man in everway unless you cross his path when he is sleepy then you have hell to pay lol. Generally a nice guy with lots of friends who adore and love him.A one of a kind...

She's the most beautiful girl you will ever see. Every feature that she posseses is engraved in your mind from the second you lay eyes on her. Morgan is not limited to just physical features, her personality is equally as beautiful. 
Charles: Pronoun: "Charles" refers to only the world's greatest and sexiest Irishman. Sports the world's greatest smile; he's hot, hilarious, humble. Well known for his impish personality, he exudes mischief and fun at all times. He is the most giving person in the world; ready to listen at the drop of a hat whether it's midnight or 3 pm or go kick some serious ass when needed. He believes in the "3 F's": Faith, Family, and Finances. (You don't cross any of them... ) Is destined to either marry an Italian before 30 or join Mount Saint Mary's at 35. Once graduated from the country's greatest school (for those who don't know... that's UVA) he will be wreaking havoc on 6-7th graders having them prove infinity while he comes up with a new number system and re-structures relativity. He's known and respected by all, deeply loved by a close few.
Timera: The Single Most Beautiful Girl In Hamilton, Ontario. 
Robyn: Women with the name Robyn are: beautiful, angel-like in appearance, selfless, kind, sweet, caring of others, and make wonderful mothers, Robyn makes a good friend and is a shoulder to lean on. Robyn's are bright beacons of light, they are righteous and believe in religion. Robyn believes that family is the most important thing in the world.
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  1. Holy Crap! I feel so lucky to know all but two of these wonderful people. I love that it actually says that!