Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am sick. I have been sick for about a week now, and it sucks. When I get sick, my brain starts getting too creative. My mind forgets that I am not creative and crafty, but it tries anyway. So this time, while being sick, I looked up a few things to try. One I am going to try on Makenzie's hair, and the other is going to be something to do with fabric.

Again, I am not crafty and creative. I was not built with those qualities. Also, not being commonly accepted and welcomed by my super crafty friends growing up, I never got a chance to learn. I stole these craft ideas...or at least one of them...of pinterest. Yes, I went onto that dreaded site. There's nothing wrong with it...I just don't do stuff like that. It's far too cookie cutter. But someone mentioned doing a sock bun curl, and it looked cute. So lucky Kenzie gets to sleep with a sock in her hair tonight. I will post pictures for you all to see how it turns out. The other idea is one I heard of a long time ago, but then pinterest reminded me of it. I am going to make leg warmers, from a sweater. I've done it once for a halloween costume, but I'm going to make real ones this time...not halloween ones. =) Wish me luck.

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