Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Mistake

I worked in Hell---er Vivint--- this past summer. Obviously, I didn't enjoy it. There were some really awesome people, and I got to chat with some even awesomer people, but there were some down sides. One of the major downsides was a coworker.

This coworker was a total douche bag. At first he was really fun to talk to, and we had enough in common. Then it got weird, and off colored, and just plain wrong. (I do believe I posted about it before.) When things began to suck, I should have gone to Brandon (my supervisor), but I didn't. That was my mistake. Yesterday, this same coworker and I got talking (via text, because I don't talk to him otherwise...). He asked some inappropriate things and it as disgusting. So I went to the police. I just wanted it on record, in case anything were to happen in the future. I didn't want anything else to slip past.

I am incredibly tired of guys being jerks, to me or anyone else. Someone I go to school with is incredibly sexist, and I really am ready to tell him where to stick it. I'm not okay with guys that think it's alright to treat women like anything less than the person they are. I don't believe women have any more rights than men, or that they are better, but we are equal.

Equal in the sense that we are humans, we have feelings, we have dreams, we have strengths and weaknesses, we have opinions. I don't believe that we can do EVERYTHING men can, and men cannot do EVERYTHING women can. It is not the way we are built, but that does not mean we aren't equal at all. Men tend to be stronger, and they are better at somethings. Women are more nurturing and better at other things. In the end, it balances out. But if men are constantly pushing women down, then our entire world is doomed.

And if you're constantly pushing me down, you are really doomed. I won't stand for it. I don't care who you are, if you're gonna treat me like crap, I'll put you back into your place, properly.

On a lighter note, I did get my Christmas tree lights working. (No pun intended, though it was pretty aweosme!) After Nathan and I took all the lights off of two sections to repair them, only to find out we didn't need to... we got it all back on! You can't even tell we did that! I am incredibly proud of my lighting job. And I'm really glad Nathan sat there supporting me the entire time. I'll post pictures once we get it all decorated!

Also, I plan on taking a creative writing class this next semester, wish me luck! I am super stoked. I love writing, and haven't been able to do enough with it. I'm ready to refine any talent I have. I'm also excited to learn about creative writing. The realistic part of my brain has a hard time allowing me to write fiction and fantasy successfully. I just can't get it out. My imagination gets shut down all the time. So it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

For now, enjoy this:


The world's largest C-47. BAM! Imagine the diffusion you could clip on with that sucker!

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