Thursday, November 17, 2011

No post November?

Sorry guys, it has been so long since I last posted. I don't want to try to catch up, because that would take forever and I'd probably never finish and then continue to not post. In all actuality (I have always wanted to use that word), there hasn't been one single thing keeping me from posting.

First, I've been busy with school. I built a nice little website. Here is a link to it, which will stop working in the spring, so enjoy it while you can. The form doesn't actually work...I don't know why, but it just doesn't.

Don't worry about reading everything on it...or anything. I didn't put effort into the writing on it. I just needed words to fill paragraphs.

Second, I've been overly stressed. I don't have a job, and it's getting a bit stressful. I need money big time for my car. The dilemma is this: When I turned 16, employers wanted to hire 18 year-olds. When I turned 18, they were looking for 20 and older. Now I am twenty. Guess what age they want! 21. Next year, I will turn 21, and they will want 25! I swear, I'm gonna start lying about these things. I have applied nearly everywhere... My next choice is Mcdonald's. Not the best, but at least it is money, right?

Third, life in general. I am really sorta sick of being a girl. I get a lot of crap from the guys at school. One in particular never takes me seriously. He will fail and flop through a project instead of take my advice. When we work together, he just tunes me out, so when he fails and I save us...he feels a bit dumb. Mostly though, he just treats me like a toddler with autism than an adult, who probably knows more than him.

In other news, I got called as a primary worker. I'll be a sub. The thing is, the primary president is one of the people who I try to avoid. After she treated me like crap when I was a teen, I'm not looking forward to being near her so often. Unfortunately, I will have to suck it up and be polite. It's hard when she is extremely two-faced.

I'm heading down to Gunnison this weekend with Nathan. We're going to be staying at his dad's wife's parents home. Its for a school assignment. I'll return with photos and stories!

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