Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov. 1. 2011.

My last post was about me being artsy and creative. Well turns out, none of the thins I wanted to do worked. I did the sock bun in Kenzie's hair, and that went pretty good. I learned her hair is far to think to do it with one sock in one bun. Next time, I'll do two socks and two buns. Then we couldn't do leg warmers, so instead we made rag skirts for her American Girl dolls. It was cheap, and fairly easy. I enjoyed it. I will post pictures when I remember to do that.

Today is day of the dead. My least favorite holiday. I've never liked day of the dead. I never will. No offense to anyone. I just am not into it. I prefer cute holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day. I'll stick with those.

Right now, I'm somewhat blah. It just happens. Hormones go up and down all the time. Right now they're down. I don't really want to have anything to do with a lot of the people I normally associate with. I've been avoiding them all day. It's terrible, I know. I only want to talk to people that aren't all about work, and people that I don't get confused by. I think a lot of these blah feelings have to do with hormones (aunt irma's visit ended), but I think that a bunch of it has to do with just life and dealing with it.

There's just a lot of stress right now. It's really hard to focus on school when all I want to do is sit in my jamies while watching "The IT Crowd." 

Funny moments, enjoy!

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