Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Okay Guys

Hey, so construction is still very underway. Sorry. I've just had a lot going on right now.

Some of the things I've had going on:

School: It's going pretty alright. I'm keeping up on my homework (And so is Nathan). It's a first. OH SHOOT! I Just remembered I have to take a quiz. Be back in five.

And I missed my quizzes. Dang it. Oh well.

Other than that, school is going fine.

Work: I love where I work. It's really easy, and super interactive. I don't have to sit alone all day. I get to talk to people in person and I get to move around. Plus, I can switch between the Post Office and Campus Connection. So there is variety. =) Plus I have super cool coworkers. I like them all. Dawn definitely knows how to hire people. =)

Being Sick: SUCKED! I'm still getting over it. It sucked, though. I threw up a lot, and was down a lot...I still am a bit, but not nearly as much. Oh, but now I have growing pains...which suck. They hurt, a lot. Which is why they call them PAINS I spose.

I don't really know what else to say right now. Like I said, I'm still not feeling totally up to par, so I'm going to go finish my homework and then go watch HOUSE (because it aired again last night), and maybe Alcatraz (if it's on Hulu).

Anyway, Enjoy the confusing layout.

And this picture:

I found it on this site:


 They made me laugh. =)

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