Monday, January 2, 2012




Obviously I haven't blogged in a while. With reason, though. See, blogs are public, or at least mine is. Which is exactly how I want it. There are, however, people that tend to twist my words and then misquote me offline. It's really annoying. I stopped posting because I was really angry at people doing this to me. Whats the point in saying something if it'll only end up being used against me incorrectly? I figured if you guys couldn't handle being respectful of what I say, then why say anything to you guys? I was caught in a small dilemma because it is my choice to make this public knowing I cannot control who views it or what they do with the information I post, yet it was coming back to hurt me. I decided I just needed a break. I'm back, and no matter what you say, you can't stop me.

2011 sort of happened to me. It came and went so fast. I met a ton of neat people, and got beat down a lot by others. I felt helpless, and on top of the world. I watched sunsets and missed every dang sunrise. I got hurt and hurt others. This year, this year is going to be different. I'm going to have people meet me. I'm going to own this world and rock it so hard, Pluto will feel it. I'm going to watch the sunset and sunrise (metaphorically on that second one...I am not a morning person). I'm gonna probably get hurt, that's inevitable with me... I'm half made of glass. 

In 2011, if you made me cry, you better learn to pray. If you stood by when I needed help, good luck on your own. If you left any sort of mark on me in anyway, make sure you park in the garage. If you tried to run my life, put on some track shoes. I am so ready for this year to come, are you?

My life. My rules. Welcome to 2012, baby!

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