Monday, April 2, 2012

A few items of business

I feel like I have this really long list of things I want to blog about, but then I start to really think about them, and I come down to two or three. That's when I remember my very first item of business.

Memory. Somehow our brains have the capability to store past events. We store past emotions, past activities, jokes, stories, accidents, triumphs. How in the world do they do that? And why doesn't mine work right?

Lately the connections in my brains haven't exactly been...connecting. Somewhere between the memory bank and my conscious mind they are getting lost. It's a frequent thing with long-term memories, and it's nearly constant with my short term memory. In the morning, I forget which toothbrush is mine. As soon as my jammies are on, I forget which outfit I wore that day. I am constantly forgetting to do homework or tasks. I read somewhere that writing things down helps a lot with these problems...but I always forget to write them down.

Thoughts are so fleeting in my mind. One second I can be fully focused on what I'm doing, the next I am wondering why my shoes aren't tied, and while tying my shoes I could decide I want a pet pig. It's like that book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie." It's a great book! I love it!

See, while writing about memories, I've forgotten my other two items of business.

Oh! I remember! My phone. It's ridiculous. It decided that today was April Fool's day. So it told me the incorrect time most of the day, from about noon on (I say about because it wasn't telling me the right time), it told me my battery was low then fully charged then low then charged, it alerted me of "0 new messages", and the messages I did get were sent to me in giant packets of ten or more. It was incredibly frustrating,

As for any other items of business, I don't remember them. I'm sure they will come to me eventually. Or not. Who knows.

For now, enjoy this:

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