Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 27th

Guess what? It's the end of finals.

I'm sitting at work right now, with two things on my mind:

1. The professors that keep walking by in their robes need wands. It would definitely make everything better. Just say Professors Dennis and Bob, definitely needed wands. What class would Dennis teach in the wizarding world? Probably muggle studies. Bob would be defense against the dark arts. Tell me what you think, for those of you who know them. Text me or something.

2. These awesome cookies from Subway are awesome. Do this. Go to your local Subway. Order a raspberry cheesecake cookie. Eat it and enjoy! I first tried these cookies when a customer came to Campus Connection with some. They were convincing their friend that they were the best cookies. They asked my opinion. I told them I hadn't tried them. So they gave me one. I agreed. They were super good. I love them. Nathan is so sweet to bring them to me. =)

I'm at the Post Office, and there is no one here. I'm going to learn to close so I'll be ready for the new schedule this week.

here. enjoy this:

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