Monday, April 30, 2012


Guess what. Today is Monday. It's 3:45 pm. I'm at home, wearing a tie-dye t-shirt, shorts. I'm sitting on the couch, checking my grades, facebooking into oblivion and now blogging. I just played a game with Brax and now I'm watching Disney Channel with Emma. Know what that means? I AM DOING NOTHING! It's a good feeling.

This past weekend was pretty awesome and chill.

We had a barbecue as a farewell for all of those awesome people graduating, and going out into the world. It was a lot of fun, and the food was delicious! I'll definitely miss everyone, even if I haven't been working with them for very long. Trina is gonna rock the world of Southern California with her little family. =) Mike is gonna save the world by starting with South America, hopefully he survives that and comes back with some neat stories. =) Devin is just going south for the summer, gonna bum around. And Jess is going to be the best elementary school teacher ever! Those little kids are super lucky! Rob is going to find a job and teach the snot out of the older kids. =) I will miss you guys. Thanks for an awesome semester!

This coming week will be just as chill. I work, but I don't have school, and I am stoked beyond belief about that! =)

In less than a week, I will be in the theater, watching AVENGERS! Yea, I'm a bit excited.

Remember how I wanted a hippie bus, and I asked Nathan to sell his car to buy me one? He looked into it. =) He did some research to see if a hippie bus was really a good idea. Turns out it isn't...they have a tendency to explode, you have to constantly repair them, and they get awful gas mileage. The point is, he considered it. How awesome is that? That's just the kind of boyfriend I have.

Alright, now I blogged. Now what? Read? I have time to read! Adios! I'll be reading!

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