Monday, April 16, 2012


I am so incredibly tired right now. I'm running on only four and a half hours of sleep. That might seem like a lot to some people, considering it's finals week, but I can barely function with 6 hours a night. I need at least 12 to be happy and energetic...and coherent. Four hours is killing me. I have the worst headache and everything just seems so surreal.

I stayed up way late to finish a project for my audio class. It turned out awesome, and I am really proud of it. (It was a mix of songs I would take with me on a desert island, an album cover, and a short explanation of why I chose each song. I went retro. I'll post pics and the song list when I wake up more.)

When I'm tired, my mind starts wandering and I end up wanting to do the weirdest things. I found out I can combine two of my dreams surfing and Ireland. My newest goal? Surf in Ireland! (Yes, I realize that's a bit ridiculous, but my tired mind doesn't care.)

I also wonder who I am, but only when I'm tired. Normally, I don't care. When my mind is exhausted, I wonder if I'm the churchy-type, or the liberal-type, or if I'm girly enough, or smart enough, or this that and the other enough. After sleeping a bit, I usually wake up and don't even care. So I guess that's who I am?

When I'm tired I usually cut my hair as well. It's because I don't like dealing with my hair when I'm tired. I tend to get hair cuts around finals time... because that's also when I don't sleep. This time, not happening. I learned my lesson. I always whine when I cut my hair. This time I'm letting it grow. But I do want to dye it a funny color...we'll see how I feel when I wake up.

That's all I can remember right now, being so tired. Wish me luck though on my finals week. And enjoy this video of Linkin Park's new song that came out today. I'm a big fan and I am so stoked for their new album. (Don't worry. It's a clean song, no naughty words, for those of you who mind those.)

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  1. Hi, I like this post, and I like your blog! Keep it up! -Ali