Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A moment with Morgan in the kitchen

It's not often that I do things in the kitchen. I'm not the best cook. I don't have the patience for it. Nathan usually does the cooking/baking. He enjoys it.

Sunday I wanted a key lime pie, but it was Sunday, so I couldn't just go buy one. I wanted to make one. Turns out we didn't have any stuff to make one. I had to wait until Monday. After school, I decided to dive into it and make a key lime pie.

On. My. Own.

Here's how it turned out:

That's fresh out of the oven. It's an icky picture, but it was actually not that icky looking.

This was the finished slice. Exactly how I pictured it:

Again the picture is icky, but the slice was really pretty.

Grandma was my guinea pig. She got to taste the first slice:

She enjoyed it. =) I'm glad she did. All of the kids except Chandler liked my pie. Chandler helped make it, but he didn't like the taste. I enjoyed my pie. It was fantastic actually. I think I'm addicted.

Mostly I'm excited that now there's something that I can do on my own in the kitchen. The most exciting thing I usually make is an egg sandwich. Not that cool. The key lime pie, however, is super exciting. And delicious!

off to pay attention in class!

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