Monday, May 21, 2012

PHD in Llamatology

In case I hadn't mentioned it,  I have a slight memory problem. (I'll check later and go into detail if I haven't yet.) Among the memories that got packed away tightly lies all the memories of my younger days. Anything before my Nathan life, I have nothing. I have stories from my journal and from pictures. Sometimes I come across them. Those times always make good days.

This is what I found today while doing my homework. The background voice is Rachel. This should be embarrassing, but since I don't at all remember it, or even remember having that type of personality, it doesn't bother me at all. The joys of memory loss!

I think Nathan got a bigger kick out of it than me. This is about a year or two before I met him. =) Good stuff. I look high, and I no longer own that shirt, which makes me a bit sad to think about. but ENJOY! And if any of you know Rachel, tell her to look at this.

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