Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Upcoming Final

Raise your hand if you dislike homework. (My hand is up.)
Raise your hand if you have A LOT of homework. (My hand is up.)
Raise your hand if you want to get a good grade. (My hand is up, still...)
Raise your hand if you paid thousands of dollars to go to school so you could LEARN something. (Both my hands are up. I'm typing this telepathically.)

Everyone knows college isn't for everyone. People can be successful without sitting in a classroom. I, personally, would not learn all that I wanted to without the structure. That's just me. Knowing I need this structure, I signed up for college. I signed up to pay all my money to learn. That's what I intend to do.

I'm taking summer classes right now. I'm taking a one thousand level class for two reasons: I need the credits, and I want to learn Avid. We have an assignment and a quiz every night. NBD. It's a short semester, no big deal. Plus, it's not difficult work. It's following step by step instructions out of a book with provided clips. The quizzes come from the book, and the answers are all in the back of the book.

I found the answers after I went in search of a better explanation for something the book screwed up a little bit. Finding the answers was fantastic because the picture was screwed up and I couldn't just guess the answer. =/ When I found the answers I thought "I kind of wish I didn't find these. Now I might be tempted to just skip reading the questions and just write down the answers." Then I thought about it some more, and from all my schooling experiences, I know that if I don't read the questions ten times, I will not pass the final with an A. Since this final is one I REALLY want to pass, I want to do all I can to remember all of this information.

I came to class today. I sat in my corner, like always. The boys came in, and started discussing the oh-so hard homework. (Remember, this is following step by step instructions.) Then one of the boys said "Did you guys realize that the quizzes come from the book and the answers are all in the back of the book? Now I don't need to read the questions. This will be so easy!"

It took all my energy to not facepalm. I didn't say anything. I just sat back and watched as every boy in my class got excited, flipped to the back of the book and read the answers. "Yes! This is going to save me like an hour a night!"

I wonder if they think they'll pass the final/certification test without reading the questions that are meant to help you remember what you need to know...

I don't understand why they're even in this class if they don't want to actually learn. Yes, they're first year students, but seriously?! All of these guys are older than me...shouldn't they know by now that you actually have to do the homework to learn? Whatever, not my issue.

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