Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morgan's Week FOUR

The week started off with Memorial day, which was pretty freaking fun. I always love dinners with Nathan's family. Plus, I got to see James's dog, Cash. Dumbest, but sweetest dog ever!

This beauty also came on Memorial Day! My first strawberry off my plant of the year! WOOT!

I cut it into quarters and shared it. =) It was the best itty bitty bit of berry I have ever had! And it's mine! Off my plant!

Before the bbq, I went swimsuit shopping. I fell in love with this suit:

Not the best picture of me, but my suit looks good! I like how it fits. It's got a tummy slimmer (to slim all that fat I have...) so it fits snug but not too snug. Most suits don't do that for me.

Tuesday was the kids' dance festival. I haven't loaded the pictures onto my computer yet, but it was really awesome! The boys did great! Brax did a hat dance. He focused a lot on each step, you could see his concentration in his eyes. Chan did an elegant/child-choreographed dance. It was interesting, and he is not that graceful. At least this year he danced. Last year he just watched everyone else dance for the most part.

Wednesday, I was sick. Which sucks. A lot. =( It's the first time I've had such a bad cold that I had to stay home. I'm still blowing the most disgusting things out of my nose. Bleh. Nathan is really good at taking care of me though. He's always good at that.

Thursday was a food fest for my intercultural class. This is what I ate:

I have fish and chips (Australia), Pavlova (Australia), Korean meat and rice (super tasty), and a Greek vegetable salad (also tasty). It was kind of fun to try the different foods. Nathan and I have been on a food trying kick.

Which reminds me, Monday Nathan and I tried some different sodas, again. We tried Boylan Orange cream soda and Winehausen (or something like that) Orange. The orange cream was really tasty. I loved the orange cream, and Nathan liked the plain orange. It's always good when it works out that way.

Back to the week.

Friday, yesterday, I took Nathan and Grandma to China Village. It's a new restaurant that opened up in Lindon. It was pretty freaking incredible. We all ate until we were full, then ate more. It was sooooooo ridiculously tasty. I can't describe it. My stomach and mouth and every part of me was in heaven! You need to try it if you live close to Lindon. It's relatively cheap too! A dinner plate (fried rice, a spring roll, entree of your choice, and a salad) costs less than $9.00. It's soooo good!

And today is Saturday. I went to Braxton's first baseball game today. It was really hot, but super awesome to watch him play! He is pretty good at hitting the ball. =) I can't wait for more blistering hot summer days to watch him play!

Nathan also had a big first today. He bought Makenzie "girl stuff" today. I'm at work and couldn't, and Grandma wasn't home. It's a bit embarrassing for him I think, but it was really awesome of him to do that. I love him to pieces, and I can't wait to spend many more weeks with him. (MANY  more weeks with him!) 

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