Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Recap

Here are photos I haven't put up because I hadn't put them on my computer yet.

 This is from the eclipse (not the terrible movie, but the actual astronomical event). It's a super weird angle for me, but look how long my legs look!

 We didn't get special glasses, so we combined all of my sunglasses to look at the sun. It worked nicely. Probably fried our eyes, but we could see!

 This is Brax at the dance festival. He spent the entire dance totally concentrated on each step. It was cute.

 This girl had some serious hip action going on. It was really cute.

 Chandler isn't a dancer... This dance was a bit more elegant and silly at the same time. Watching Chan try to be elegant was silly.
 I caught his face as they jumped in a circle. He wasn't as focused as Braxton, but he was way more shy.

 This is from Braxt's first baseball game of the season. I haven't made it to any others yet. I plan on it soon though!

 This is Brax up to bat! he really swung at that ball. Nailed it!

 He slid into every base, and even when he was running in the outfield to catch a ball, he would slide. Silly Brax
 I got my hair cut today? You like? I like. A LOT.
 I got bored before my class today. This is what happens when I get bored and can't stop looking at myself and my new do. =/

That's a picture recap for ya! Hope you enjoyed it! My weekly posts will return with an Aquarium visit and a self defense course for the kids. As well as a failed craft and a well done craft. Here's a peak!

It's a necklace pin board for Makenzie. She liked it. I liked it. And it was quick and easy (once I found all the right materials).

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