Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Theories and Dilemmas

(I may have spelled "dilemmas" wrong.)

A couple of weeks ago, my coworker was doing her philosophy homework. She had to respond to a thought put online. The thought was about a theory and problem Kant comes up with. I don't remember the theories involved, but the problem was something about ending up in sticky moral situations. (Someday, I should google all this and find the exact names and theories and everything. Sorry about that, guys!)

I'm terrible at coming up with moral dilemmas on the spot. After a little thinking, and living, though, I came up with one: loyalty vs. keeping personal standards you set.

I don't think I worded that right.

Say someone in your family is severely into drug use and has been evading the law for a while. You have set up rules that you won't let anyone in your home put you and the rest of the family in danger. This person is putting everyone in danger, but you promised not to do anything about the problem. Do you remain loyal to that family member, or do you protect yourself and the rest of the family?

Then the questions comes up, which is best for the overall family scheme? Does that person need to suck it up and face consequences, or should they be allowed to roam free and wait for the consequences to catch up with them?

I don't feel like I'm making much sense, but that's what's been on my mind lately.

Here, enjoy this instead:

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