Friday, July 6, 2012


These are a few pictures off mine and Nathan's cell phones. Just some silly updates.

I made the pink vest. It was supposed to be a shirt, but I messed it up, so it became a vest. 

I also made this tie-dye shirt. I didn't do the dying, I just cut it up into a shirt. Notice how I'm standing in the exact same pose in those pictures... 

I was making a scarf (out of a t-shirt) and thought that the top scrap part would make a nice shirt. What do you think? Of course I would lose the gray shirt underneath. ;) (by the way, I was kidding with that)

At work we got the lost and found. I had fun putting these glasses in the database. =) 

sorry that all the pictures are sideways. I didn't take the time to turn them. 


I'll post more later, and I promise they will be real posts. I just have been sort of busy lately. I do have some stories (if I remember them all) that are kind of interesting. Sorry for the sucky posting lately! 

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