Thursday, November 29, 2012

One of Those Days

It's homecoming week at UVU (really late, I'd say, as finals are in a couple short weeks). For homecoming week, there's an Emerald Ball. The only  formal dance at UVU. I tried to get the night off for a different reason, but no one wanted to cover my shift (thanks guys). Yesterday, when I found out no one had decided to cover yet, I was okay with it. I figured it wasn't so bad. That was until I spent the night awake.

I jumped at every sound. I panicked every time I closed my eyes. I was warm, then cold, then warm, then cold, etc. I was uncomfortable. My mind was all like "hey, I'm ready for rest." My body was all like "Naw, I'm ready to party." Which convinced my mind to be like "you're right! Lets be awake!"

I am really tired. With finals just around the corner, I'm also really stressed. That is not helping, at all. I look stressed too. My hair is wild and my make up (which is mak's) may have turned me orange and looks icky. I'm not sure. I don't dare look in a mirror.

At first, being at work was fine, not a big deal at all. Then they began setting up for the emerald ball. The student government is all dressed up fancy. In ball gowns. My new red hoodie now feels silly... Then they rolled out a red carpet. Am I jealous? A bit.

Remember how I said I'm tired? Well being tired makes me overly emotional, like all girls. As they rolled out the carpets, I fought back tears. I want to be all dolled up for a ball. Not dressed like a hooligan, sitting behind a desk. In my stress, I picked off all my pretty nail polish, which, by the way, was awesome! Now I'm about to watch a chick flick, fight tears, and watch pretty people walk down a red carpet... *sigh*

(This is like a scene from a really poorly written chick flick actually. Now if only some guy would bring me flowers in a cheesy way and dance with me behind the counter. If that happens, I will be amazed.)

Also, feel free to laugh pathetically at the situation. I'm laughing at myself. It's so sad and ridiculous.

Here, this made me laugh today:

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