Sunday, November 4, 2012

thanks nose...thanks...

There's this guy. His name is Brian. I met him over the summer in school. At first I was pretty sure he was a tool, but I got to know him and he's not that bad. In fact, I think he's pretty awesome. I'm always trying to be awesome so he doesn't disown me as a friend.

The other night, I was having a bad time. I was all teary and snotty. He gave me a hug, which usually makes me nervous. ("dont hug too tight, morgan. But don't be dead. Hug like a normal person will ya!!") he was comforting me while I was the WalMart parking lot. I was just about calmed down when my nose got runny.

I didn't want to sniffle and sound gross. I want him to think I'm awesome, not gross. I figured my nose would solve itself. Then, it came. Like a waterfall. Blood...everywhere. My nose basically exploded. On Brian's shirt. Yea, that's not gross at all.

We didn't have tissues, so we were forced to go into WalMart. Blood was running from my face. It was coating my hands. It was all over Brian. Super not embarrassing.

I went to the restrooms, only to find the women's restroom closed for cleaning. Awesome. Brian went into the men's room and got me some paper towels. A dry one for my nose and a wet one to wipe up the blood. He gently cleaned me up as people stared. A group of young girls even stopped to watch. Not awkward at all.

My nose finally stopped and Brian washed my face off.

Am I embrassed? Yes. Yes I am! So much for being cool in front of Brian...=/ Thankfully it's not something that matters.

The end

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