Monday, February 4, 2013

My Weekend

Remember how I mentioned the project I was going to post about? Well, here it is!

I made a steampunk dreamcatcher. It was harder than I imagined, but it turned out pretty decent. Sorry the photo is dark, I didn't think to take it on a lighter surface. =/

I'm really proud of it. =) I'll let you know if I make more.

Also, over the weekend, I discovered the antique section of KSL. So naturally, I got some antique furniture! It needs a bit of restoring, and some polish, but here is the chair that drew me in:

Isn't she great?! She has some pet hair on her, and a hole in the bottom, but nothing terribly wrong. I love her. I will keep her forever. =)

This is the lamp. She's a floor lamp, and is fashioned like a gas lamp! The power knob is actually a key. Isn't it the most incredible lamp ever?! 
 This is my other chair. She needs a lot more repairs, but I really like her. She's got a hole in the seat and has some dirt spots. But I'll take care of her. =)

These are from the seventies ish. They swivel. I'm going to cover them with zebra striped fabric and paint the bases hot pink for Mak's new cubby hole under her loft bed. Think she'll like them? If not, I'll keep them!

I also got a mirror (which looks just like a mirror...for now) and dishes. I'll post dishes later! =) I'm so excited!!

When I clean everything up, I'll post more pictures!

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