Saturday, February 9, 2013


It's been just a few weeks since I did the Sundance.

Boy was it exhausting. While doing it, it didn't feel terrible. I slept fine. I was ready to go always, but the cold...the cold really gets ya. Yes, I live in Utah. And yes it does get cold here, but this winter has been insane with temperatures. Not even we were prepared for it here. I wore three pairs of pants, five shirts and two jackets. That barely kept me warm enough.

Naturally, I got sick. My body tried so hard to keep itself warm, but it took a lot of effort and as a result, I got sick. I missed a day, went home early a few days, and threw up a couple of days. It sucked so much. I wanted so badly to stay up there the entire time. Part of me feels like I failed. =/ Part of me realizes that being not sick is better than being miserable.

Aside from being sick, I had an amazing time. I met a lot of really cool people and I enjoyed being in the festival crowds.

One of the people I met was Willita. She was the person over our crowd liaison group. Not a clue what her official title was. ATM...MAT...TMA...TAM...something like that. She was great though. This is going to come off incredibly cheesy, but I learned a lot from the few days I got to work with her. She had a hands off approach to supervising us, and I think it worked out really well. She trusted us all to do what we needed and was aware of everything going on. She was at the scene of a problem before the problem even really became a problem. She listened, and helped out. She was polite to boot but not cheesy. I don't know...the way she handled things was really awesome, something I hadn't seen in a supervisor before. It was neat.

Team A was the cool team. That's the team I started on. Everyone was super chill and super friendly, but not forced friendly. Not like Team B.

I think this next thing is going to be really cheesy, but just bear with me. (Is that the right bear? Is is bare? someone help me out here.)

At work right now, there is a lot of drama. A LOT. It's getting sorted out. It's a painful sorting though. No one is really at fault. We're females, we have control issues, its hard to do our jobs when everyone is scattered and all over the place.

As I'm dealing with all this, I think about this time up at Sundance when something sort of similar came up. Liz (one of the other people on Team A) and I were working at the Entourage entrance. We had to just check tickets for the "magic" silver sticker and then alert the people on stops that we had people for them to take upstairs. Someone on stops decided she wanted to do that. It didn't work out. This lady was a not nice. She was not nice. Her and Liz didn't really get along. Liz stepped out to avoid a problem. Willita and Jared talked to the other lady, and things eventually worked themselves out quietly. Later in the week I saw Liz and the lady talking and being friendly with each other. That sort of blew my mind.

I don't know if things worked out 100% between that lady and Liz. I don't know what was said, or done, or what the real issue was. I just saw a problem come up between two people and get resolved.

(Ready for more cheese?)

I'm incredibly stubborn, but with all this stuff at work, I'm trying to take what I learned there and apply it. I'm trying really hard to let it all go and calm the eff down. It's really hard. I don't want to be around some people at work, but I'm slowly learning to breathe a bit and move on. Thanks Liz for that.

Lets talk about something less how I met Josh Radnor. That made my life amazing. =) He's a sweet guy. Very normal and down to earth and wears the ugly christmas sweaters like a boss.

I really enjoyed the entire experience. I truly did. I love working like that and being up and around. I love helping people. I love answering questions (lame, I know), and I love the team work that goes into all that. I definitely want to do it again next year, and the year after, and the year after. I'm going to make sure I'm 100% warm and fit so I don't get sick.

Sundance 2013 was great. =) That's all I can say. Again and again and again. It was great. Felt great. Looked great. Sounded great. Loved every bit of it!

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