Friday, February 1, 2013

Three Months Left

That's right. Only three months until the end of the semester. It seems like nothing. Unless I say, we're only one month in...then it seems like forever to the end. Half full, half empty, right?

I haven't written in quite a while. Why? Because I'm not entirely sure how to say everything I want to say. I'm not sure what I want to publicly share, either.

There has been a lot going on. Mostly in my head. How many of you really want to hear what goes on in my head? I mean really. No one cares. Adventures are fun, but winter kills adventure time... Especially this winter. It's been too cold to even think about outside. As far as I'm concerned, the world is actually just a bunch of buildings with an abyss in between. There can't possibly be anything else. It's too dang cold.

Sundance was amazing. And I do plan on writing something about that. It doesn't belong in a catch up post. It was far too awesome for that. I met a lot of really cool people and I had a blast. I may have even learned something. ;)

Right now, I'm at work, taking a short break from reconciling box office sales. It's not hard, it's just really tedious at times. I don't hate it, though, so that's good. =) It's fun to have something new to do.

Recently, a certain someone has been driving me nuts. I can't tell you their name, because of mutual friends who may read this. Let's just call this person...Dan. Dan has been driving me up a wall. He is frustrating and childish. I just go about my business, doing my own thing, and he has to undermine me or get in my way. Derek gets in my way at home, but this person is worse. Usually I can tell Derek to give me a second. He understands what it means to work as a team. This person does not. No, Dan does not. Dan believes the world should revolve around Dan. Dan doesn't see why it's a problem to ignore me when we're working for the same goal. Nor does Dan understand...well there's a lot that Dan doesn't get it seems. It's really frustrating. Dan is a full grown adult and needs to start acting like one. The way Dan does things, you would think he was a toddler...Derek does things more efficiently. I'm just irritated. I'm trying so hard to be grown up about it all and just do what I need to, but I'm really close to locking Dan in the bathroom or something. I can't wait for April, that's for sure.

I wish I could be more specific about Dan. Right now, I realize it sounds like I'm just whining and being a baby. With examples, I could very well make you see why I'm so incredibly irritated. Maybe someday I will.

Anyway, I'm going to go look for supplies for a really neat project I'm about to do. ;) I'll post pictures when I'm done.

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