Thursday, March 28, 2013


I've been a bit stressed this week. There are 4 weeks until graduation. Not that that means a whole lot, other then EVERYTHING CHANGES!! No big deal. =/

My poor stressed mind has been forgetting everything lately. I barely know what day of the week it is. It's a pain...especially for homework reason. 

There is one bright side to this. EVERYTHING IS HILARIOUS! 

Yesterday I wore my maxi skirt (which I love with my whole heart), and some nice new white sandals. I only went to work, was inside all day. I got home, and my shoes were gray! I took them off...and my feet were grey. Turns out my skirt is also a great broom (quote Brian). I had successfully cleaned all the halls at UVU. You're welcome. As gross as it was, I got to soak my feet, which was great! 

Today, though...not so great. I'm wearing a knee length skirt (which I also love with my whole heart). My shoes are comfy, not white...not dirty. I thought today was going well. Until... well... this happened:

Never have I ever done that before...but I suppose it was bound to happen with all the skirts I've been wearing. Now I know why it's important to pull my skirt down when using the restroom.

Hope it made your day definitely made mine more interesting! 

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