Monday, May 27, 2013

Glass Cage

This week, I learned that sometimes we put people in glass cages. 

For example: 

Just kidding. 

But really. We put people in glass cages by how we choose to treat them. Bear with me, I'm not going to get all preachy on you. I just came to this realization. 

I am in a glass cage... people have put me there my the way they treat me in a certain social gathering that occurs weekly. It's not a big deal, really its not. and it isn't everyone. 

I have put people in glass cages... by how I treat them. 

You create a wall, a barrier. You build it up around yourself and under yourself. It's a way of "dealing" with people you don't want to deal with. It's a way of pushing out the things that don't fit into your life. 

I have probably put people in glass cages more than I even am aware of. I really wish I hadn't. But I think it's inevitable. I think that, as humans, we do that... I also know that, as humans, we have feelings... I know how sad, angering, and painful it is to stand inside a glass cage and look out confidently. No one wants to look like they've been cornered, neglected, or pushed out. We all aspire to be confident, strong, desirable people.  It sucks when you have to admit that you aren't all those things. 

The thing with the glass cage is that by being placed in someone else's glass cage, you aren't cornered, neglected, or pushed out. They are. The cage builders build cages because they themselves feel cornered, neglected, and pushed's their way back in.

It's impossible not to feel angry at being "caged." The thing is, if you get angry, the cagers keep you caged... The one thing I have found to work so far is just realizing that people do this and it isn't anything to worry about. Life does go on... drawing attention to the glass around me helps me to realize I can move out of is not put there by me...and there will always be a way out. 

I know all of this was a little serious and weird...and dramatic. So to make up for it, here is a picture of something a soldier drew during WWII: 

Check out the other sketches he did, here: The sketches are really really cool. 

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