Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sometimes... have to tough it out. 

Drove 52 hours in 4 days to Tennessee and back. I think its the longest I have ever consecutively spent with my mom. We rented a nice little car, bought fruit and drinks...and drove like mad. We got key-chains at every gas station from each state (minus Tennessee, and Wyoming). We listened to terrible country music...five seconds of it. We listened to my phone on repeat (i have all of 10 songs on it). We spent far more time than anyone should in Paducah, KY. (the people and businesses of Paducah like to say their town name. Every ad on the radio had the word Paducah in it. You saw signs for hours before reaching it. Also, got into an hour long traffic jam in Paducah... If I never return to Paducah I will not be sad.) 

Makenzie got her first real experience in a big city. We wandered around Chicago for a while. I had to pretend I wasn't terrified out of my bloody mind. Two little white girls in one huge as heck city... its the perfect set up for a horrible tragedy. But, for her, I pretended I knew what I was doing, walked around like I owned the place, and prayed like mad that if anything happened I would find a missionary who could help. =) It was a great time. 

...animals make a 25 hour trip better. empty field and beautiful girls make for a fun time (which sounded cleaner in my head). 

...random objects are more exciting after being on the road for so long. can't help but sleep.

...people change your life. 

Having spent the last week between jobs, I've gotten to know this awesome little boy better. Mind you, I live with him, but he talks a lot when he gets the chance. I think we've made some pretty good memories. Brax is an amazing kid. Get to know him. 

Also, Ben. Sometimes, people come and go in your life, right? All you can do is live and learn. 

...its nice to sit in pajamas and play video games. 
(photo courtesy of Braxton) 

...I get crafty.
(Not like sly crafty, but inclined to do crafts/art)

It means "welcome back" in Irish.

tilt your head to the left. 

Derek actually walked through this while it was wet...and then through my bedroom...caught him red-footed. take a trip down memory lane. 

704 13th Ave. Rock Island, IL. The house grandma was raised in. 

My first bracelet. I wore it when I was about 5 years old. It was too big, so I kept bending it to fit better. The metal is really weak now. 

...ships insert themselves into your blog without warning. 

Seriously, how did this get here? I don't even know where it came from. have to just smile and relax. 

That's just an update. I start my new job on Monday. My first big kid job. Life is really going to start up again. I'm excited...and nervous. Send happy thoughts my way? =)