Friday, October 29, 2010


Denis Lisonbee walked into my film class one day. He told us about a special class that will ONLY be taught next semester. What was so special about this class? It's a project management, which is required for my major. But this section is specific to movies. Who is teaching it? The creator of "Touched by an Angel." So what makes this class so special? Denis explained that most people in this class will land a job or internship with ease right after. This class takes the students one step higher than anyone taking normal project management. Needless to say, when Denis passed around the sign up sheet I wrote my name in huge letters with a black pen. There is no way in heck I'm letting this pass me by. I'm in the class, one of thirty out of 7000.

Then I signed up for a cinematography class. Only 12 people get in. I was fourth on the waiting list. They opened up three more spots, which put me at first on the waiting list, assuming the other three didn't accept the chance to register. They were each given twenty four hours to register after they received an email about it. One of them didn't accept it. That chance went to me. Again, needless to say, I signed up without thinking twice.

Next semester is in the bag! As far as classes go anyway... Now  I need to get through the rest of this semester, then I'll be on my way to a real career job. I hope anyway. I'm gonna study like none other, so if anyone has any movie suggestions of good movies, LET ME KNOW! Any kind! In any language! I just need to watch as many films as I can so I can make intelligent comments. I'll watch them between episodes of "Touched by an Angel" (I don't want my professor to think I'm an idiot.)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


(All great blog posts start with the word "So."

So I was being a stalker and looked up my current scene partner and his wife on facebook to add them as my friends. I really enjoy being with them. I'm pretty sure if we were the same age we would have been friends, or I would have wanted to be friends. Anyhow, back to my stalker story. I looked up Marie and found she had a blog. So I went to said blog and the last time she wrote was when she was 18, right before she met Chris (her husband now). I was reading through the posts, and they're so...funny. They're classic 18 year-old girl. "I went sledding with Marilyn, and then we decided that winter is definitely the season for cuddling, drinking butterfinger cocoa and taking walks in the park." Yea, totally different than how she is now. Not too different, but way more immature than now.

Then I read Chris's blog. Turns out he's a democrat. haha, joy. Naw, he's a good guy. But his blog is all serious. "I realize I haven't put many of my life stories in my posts. I do that for the readers. With that said, I might put some personal experiences in future posts." That was so...awkward. I felt like I was sitting in on some major religious meeting in some cathedral. Totally out of place.

Then I wondered about my blog, and I don't post about how much I love to cuddle with Nathan, because that's extremely awkward for some people (like me). I don't post my political views because they wouldn't be very entertaining (they'd be one line long: "I'm right, you're wrong. Deal with it."). I hope my posts aren't too...dry. If you feel like you need to nap or take a drink after reading my blog, I'm really sorry. I also don't want my blog to be ridiculous in case one day I use this blog when I become a famous movie maker. I don't want people to go back into my blog archives and be like "look! When Morgan was 18 she thought making mugs was the most incredible thing ever! what a loser!" I want people to read it and be like "So this is the real Morgan. The Morgan that no one really gets to see because she's too busy being busy. Interesting." Not that I want to be analyzed, don't do that...please.

Sometimes I do want to post things like "If I could, I would totally hack someone's facebook, and put weird statuses up." But I don't have the guts to say names. Besides, I don't want to offend some people. Sometimes I want to write things like "Today, I wish I had a taco." But that's just ridiculous...actually Tacos sound good right now. But who can make a whole post about Tacos? Sometimes I want to post "I wish I could quit my job and become a movie maker." But I know that's totally unrealistic because I need this job to get through school so I can become a Movie Maker.

*Sigh* I totally forgot what I was posting about. I got all distracted by snow... huh, well anyway. I'm tired. I should go...back to work.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

comment posting

You know those things where you type in the random letters so you can comment on blogs? Those make me laugh. I always make up definitions for them. Like today I got "blabo" I thought "huh, that must be a person who never shuts up, like Mr. Annoying. So from now on his name is blabo" And just barely I got "usecktsan" which now means "one who sleeps on a beanbag chair"

That's all. Goodnight


I am crazy stressing out. Not in a bad wait, stress isn't good. duh. silly me.

But seriously, I am. I feel like I'm way behind in school. Not in classes, but in my degree. I'm getting restless. I want to start applying what I know. But I don't make enough money to just go buy premier pro. I think I decided on elements anyway, but that's not the point here. The point is. I need to get out there, I need a camera, I need software. I need time! I need more time in a day. There are sacrifices that I'm willing to make, but I just have to make myself make them. Like this next month. I'm buying elements.

The reason I'm so stressed is because of the competition of this degree. I feel like I really have to push myself and make myself better. I need to be more dedicated than the other students. I need to know more. I need to learn faster. I need to be more social. I need to be better than them. I need all this so that producers don't even think twice when they decide to hire me. There are a lot of people out there who are farther along in school and they're getting paid $200 an hour to work for two weeks a month. I want that. I want to be one of those people.

I love work, and I love how Kirk is letting me use this time to better myself. That will help a lot later, but I'm worried that I'm missing out on something. I don't think I'm missing out on anything, but I still get worried.

Thankfully,  my degree is relaxing for Nathan. We get to watch a lot of movies and shows, and he gets to enjoy them with me while I sit there and learn from them. That is hands down the best part of this degree so far.

I'm also stressing about individual moments. Like work. I'm worried I'm going to screw up the new website. I'm worried that Bob will think I'm silly because I don't take as good of pictures as his other students (I want to impress him because he's a major film person). I'm worried that Paul is going to hate me forever no matter how hard I try. I'm worried that I'll be so focused on being better that I'll forget why I want to be better. I'm worried I'll get caught up in the storm of the film industry and forget that I want to make films to help people, not to entertain them.

*sigh* yea. I really just need a break. I should have rested more during fall break. I think this weekend I'll go cellphone/computer free.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Boy, I must be really tired today. When I got to work and saw that the plant on my desk was dying I cried... It was just so sad. This poor little plant, sitting here helplessly, is all withery, and brown. I gave the plant a hug, and watered it. I'll have to remember to water it every day from now on.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tom Hanks

I totally forgot! I think I ran into Tom Hanks yesterday!

I was going to the store to get some prescriptions for my sister. As I walked in, I ran into this man (I wasn't paying much attention, probably texting). When I looked up to apologize, I noticed this man looked A LOT like Tom Hanks. I just smiled and said a quick sorry. He then smiled back and also said sorry for running into me (maybe he wasn't paying attention either). His voice sounded just like Tom Hanks' voice! I continued to the pharmacy, all amazed at this man. On my way out, I saw him again. This time another man walked up to him and called out "Oh Hey, Tom!"

Yea...I'm amazed too...and confused.


There are so many things going on in my head right now.

First, I'm getting extremely sick of people thinking that Elder Packer was the one who came up with the things he said. I'm not saying he doesn't deserve credit, but I'm saying it wasn't just his words. yes, Boyd K. Packer is an amazing man who said some powerful things. But where did those powerful things come from? D&C 1:38 "What I the Lord have spoken, I have spoken, and I excuse not myself; and though the heaven...s and the earth pass away, my word shall not pass away, but shall all be fulfilled, whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same. " So while we sit here and praise President Packer I think we should remember that it was actually the Lord speaking. We should defend the Lord when we say "you do choose your sexual preference" and defend President Packer by saying "He is a voice for the Lord."

Second, people take this relationship thing way too seriously. Unless you're engaged, chill out! You have a boyfriend, awesome. He has friends, awesome. You think you're best friend is trying to steal your boyfriend because on occasion they talk (they were friends once upon a time) NOT COOL! Understand that? Boys have friends too, whether those be girls or guys. He has the choice to hang out with those girls or guys. You cannot control him, you cannot control your best friend, you can only control yourself. So do everyone a favor and CONTROL YOURSELF! 

Third, don't text me, say something rude, and expect me to be okay with it. If you say something like "oh hey, yea, I party all the time, and I go rock climbing for hours on end. But I understand you hate those things. You just aren't social and like to sit around inside" I WILL BE MAD. My hobbies are different, so freaking what? I'm not going to say something like "well I prefer to stay inside, where it's clean and nice while you're out there in the dirt getting all nasty and trashy." Why would I do that? Why do you do that? Oh, that's right, you're a jerk head! ugh!

Fourth, I wrote a screenplay...sorta. It's short. It needs refining, but it's there! My very first one! Now I need actors... and a camera, and premier pro. boy this sucks. 


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Z - Zebra Tamer

Just kidding. =) Z- is for everyone I know named Zac/Zack/Zach/Zak.

All the Zach's I know are really odd in one way or another. I don't think I've met a single Zac who wasn't really different. They all can be funny at times, or annoying. I guess like any other person I know. I just know a lot of Zacks.

Zac, Nathan's brother, is kinda...really weird. He has some pretty weird friends too. But he's a freakin amazing musician. He's got perfect pitch, which allows him to really play just about anything. And he's got a lot of drive.

Zach is my birthday bud. I met him in eighth/ninth grade at clear creek and we've been friends ever since. He's a really interesting boy, but he's not too bad. =)

Zak is that boy down at snow college that I call Zake usually. We used to be friends...then he kind of went all weird. He's got this bizarre mental problem where he thinks he has to be exactly like the girl he has a crush on. He's joined the church, taken french horn, joined marching band, loved the color yellow, thought writing was awesome, and went from one political view to another all over a bunch of silly girls.

Zack is a boy who was in my orchestra class forever ago. I just thought I'd throw him in here too.

Oh and there's Zach Keith. He's pretty awesome. I don't know him really well, and haven't seen him in ages, but he's funny. In band he and Nathan usually talked the whole time and slacked off in the back. =) I loved it.

And this ends the alphabet. The usual blogging will begin again shortly. =) Thank you

Y - Yvonne Victoria Parks

In other words, Y is for Rachel.That name sparked out of some chainmail letter thing back in ninth grade. It's her middle name followed by our neighborhood name.

Rachel and I have been friends for many many many moons. We always used to do everything together.'s kinda lonely without her, but sometimes I feel more lonely when I'm with her. It doesn't bother me at all when she hangs out with Peter and his family, but when she's all hanging out with Brandy it still kind of bothers me. I don't think she should change what she's doing if she's happy. I think it's great that her and Brandy have each other for college. But when I run into them in the hallway it isn't so good. Rachel always seems happy to see me, but Brandy always seems like she's upset that I'm taking up her time or something. It makes me feel all left out. I have my own friends. And she has hers. I just don't feel welcome when I'm with her and Brandy.

Rachel is a good girl though, and she's becoming a lot less shy, which is good. =) She's also a great singer, and made it into a choir at UVU. She's also a very good writer. She can never finish her stories, but she has a ton of great beginnings! Love ya Rachel. You'll make a great teacher someday!

X - X-ray technicians?

Or maybe xylophone players. Or X-tra terrestrials? Or... x-actly the right amount of change? Yea, I got nothing for this one. Instead I'll write about how one of my film teachers hates me.

Paul hates me. He hates me because I once told someone that I prefer Alex's teaching style over his. Now he ignores me in class and failed me on my test. I'm kinda upset about this. I can't do anything about it either. I could complain but that will just make things worse. So I plan on just trying my hardest in the class still and if he wrongly gives me a bad grade, then I can appeal it with Alex, and if that fails then I'll complain higher up. There is no way I'm going to let Paul and his nerdiness ruin my grades and chances for going big.

W- William

Just as a heads up, after my last post, I got to go home early from work. YAY! =) Maybe I'll name my next pet vladmir...for good luck

Speaking of naming things. I want to name my first son William. This sounds super cheesy, and most people don't talk about these things until they're old and sitting at girls camp during breakfast, but I know one day I'll have a son named William. I know this because one time when I was having a bad night and thinking that all hope was lost (I don't remember the reason why), I fell asleep and dreamt about a little boy. In my dream he just hugged me and told me to hang in there because one day he'll need a home. It could have just been a dream, but I don't think it was. And I'm not positive I'll actually have him. I think one day I might adopt him... I've always been open to the idea of adoption (that's a story for another day). I think that William might not even be mine to begin with, but he'll come into my life needing me as much as I need/want him.

That's just a fun story for you.

Monday, October 4, 2010

V - Vladmir

I don't actually know anyone named Vladmir, but I had to have something to make up.

Right now I'm ridiculously starving. I can barely stand it. I can't wait to get off work so I can go get food. My stomach might start to implode and eat me alive...


I could not think of anyone for U, so I did a whole bunch of people.

UVU is one of the fastest growing schools in the nation. And right now it's ranked top in the nation for cinema productions (I do believe they just beat Florida in the most recent competition.) So many people have put so much into this institution. From the time it opened in 1941, to today, and onward, a lot of people have dedicated their lives to making this a better place for student success. By success I don't mean the Alpine School District idea of that (getting everyone to graduate), I mean real success. The kind of success that people anywhere can see at any time. The kind of success that allows people to make good money to support their families, or pursue the career of their choice free of dependency on income or abilities. Decades of men and women have put their blood, sweat, and tears into this place, and now I get to benefit from it. I don't know 99.99999% of those people, but I do know that they were true heroes in giving people a place to learn and grow, safely. Thanks!

T - Tuttle

T is for Ms. Tuttle. Is it weird that I'm blogging about a teacher?

The number one reason I'm doing so well in my classes this semester is because of Ms. Tuttle. She was such a great teacher. I learned everything from her! I learned about photography and photoshop, two of the things I'm learning in my classes now. I learned about experimenting and just branching out. I mean, it'd be silly to try to create pictures that everyone else has already created. She taught us about so many different photographers throughout history that it's hard to not find a style. Everyone has a certain style they enjoy to photograph, and she helped me find mine.

From her I learned the history of photography, which really helps in my photo class now. My teacher even says I'm too advanced for his class. I know all about F-stops and shutter speeds, so now I can work on memorizing them. I know about file formats, which makes it easy to follow directions. I know about the various rules and ideas behind a good photo. I know all those basics about film, and ISOs and noise/grain, and exposure. Because I know all these things I can really pay attention to those moments where my teacher goes off on a tangent about ideas for great photos. I don't get all caught up on silly trivial basics.

If I get any good grades this semester, I owe them to Ms. Tuttle.

S - Sam

S is for Sam Thompson.

One day Sam decided to sit by me in the hallway, waiting for class, and now he says I'm doomed to be his friend forever. =)

Sam is a somewhat recent RM and he's kind of a slacker. He never ever takes notes in class, probably because he's too busy sleeping, but he still gives me someone to talk to in there. Everyone knows going to class is a lot easier when you have friends in the class. It doesn't matter if my friend slacks off all the time, he's still my friend.

And he doesn't slack off in all his classes. Sam only slacks off in our film class. (I don't blame him. Any three hour class where you just watch movies is easy to sleep through.) He takes his digital class very seriously, sometimes to the point that makes me laugh. I love how into it he gets. He's definitely an interesting person. I hope he doesn't fail, otherwise who will I hire as my chief editor later in life?

R - Robyn

It's been forever since my last letter, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten.

R is for Robyn. R is for the bestest friend anyone could have. R is for all the smiles she's spread around and for all the laughs over the years. =)

I remember when Robyn first moved into the neighborhood. We were so mean to her, and I feel terrible because she's a great girl. I don't know why we were mean, and it doesn't matter, because we shouldn't have been.

Robyn and I haven't hung out a ton over the years, but the times we have have always been super fun. One time we had a late night, and we were so hyper that we couldn't stop laughing over popcorn. That was one of the most fun late nights ever! The random times we hang out are always just as fun. I love listening to her talk about school and how college is going for her. She's really entertaining to listen to (in a good way).

Most people can't get past Robyn's extreme personality. She isn't a passive person, but she isn't aggressive either. She's just got a really dominating personality. A lot of people get hung up on that, and it makes it hard for her to feel welcome or like she fits in. She tends to feel like it's her fault and that if she could change everything would be better. But really, that wouldn't solve anything. Those people who think they're too good or too cool to take the time to give her a chance are really just missing out. Robyn isn't missing out on anything with those people. The people who take the time are the ones who really care. No one should have to change to fit in, and that includes Robyn. It sounds like she's making a lot of friends in school now, and that's so awesome. I'm so excited for her.

Robyn has really helped me shape myself. In finance lit I got to know her even better, and getting to see how she lets herself shine in a group of people really helped me to just be me. Of course I'm much quieter and more laid back than she is, she still helped me to see that me isn't so bad. Thanks Robyn for being such a great girl! I love you to pieces!