Saturday, January 2, 2016

Not Another New Years Post

True to my word, this is not another post about resolutions, goodbyes, or what I think you should do this coming year. You can do whatever makes you happy.

I wanted to write about something that makes me happy:


Not just my own, but all grandmas. If I had to pick one group of people to spend the rest of my life with, it would be grandmas.

Mothers have something special. They have a tenderness that develops as their kids develop. They have a fierce sense of protection--I'm talking Mama Bear status. Moms are fantastic. There is nothing quite like moms.

Even more so, though, are grand-moms. I don't know if it's because they have raised kids to the end, or because of the era in which they grew up. Whatever the cause for their love, it's incomparable to anything else.

A  mom knows what a certain cry means when their child whimpers. A grandma knows what a child wants/needs before they whimper. A mom knows how to soothe a child's fears. A grandma knows how to instill confidence to face a fear. A mom will push you in the right direction, with love. A grandma will see where you're headed and help you prepare or change directions with love.

A mother's love and support is important for a child to grow into a strong adult. A grandmother's love and support creates heroes--men and women who shape society into something better.

All of the grandmas I have ever met (my own, and my neighbors, friends, and strangers) have left an impression on me. I'm a really long ways from being a grandma--a really long ways--but I plan on taking all of that time to soak in all the grandmotherly love I can so that I can pass that along to my future--very future--grandchildren.

So here's to you, Grandmas everywhere. You are the shapers of society. The ones who leave children smiling despite anxiety. The ones who give hugs with their eyes. The ones who create mothers, fathers, businessmen and women, chefs, astronauts, soldiers, winners, and lovers. The ones who will never turn their backs to pain. The ones who see what's truly in a person's heart. The ones who face each day with a smile brighter than the sun, a heart warmer than summer, and love so tender that even the coldest-hearted people can't deny.

Here's to you, Grandmas.