Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Latest Project - "Fan Stand"

I recently finished a new little project! I always feel so accomplished when I do that.

My latest little project was turning a childhood chair into a stand for my small fan. I have one of those little desk fans in my room, and to keep it off the floor, I set it on a broken chair that I had as a kid. It was the ugliest little thing. It had been left outside all winter and it was a mess. The back had broken off, the finish was all chipped, and the seat had warped. I like my fan sitting on it, so I decided it needed a make-over.

Before I even thought to take pictures, I sawed off the rest of the back that hadn't snapped off. Here is the beginning after it was sawed off.

 I sanded it, and cleaned it as best as I could. I also tightened all the screws on the sides, it was incredibly wobbly. (More wobbly than time...for all you doctor who fans out there...)

 Before painting it, I sprayed it with a white base. Brian suggested that, so that the colors stand out more. (Thanks, Bri) I hadn't thought of that. I'm glad he suggested it. It did help the colors stand out more.

To pick colors, I looked at my antique chair. I got every possible paint sample card from Home Depot, and then laid them out on my chair. I came up with a set of colors that matches the upholstery really quite well. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked craft paint to match. That was trickier, since craft paint doesn't come in nearly as many shades as Behr paint or Martha Stewart paint. I also am new to this whole painting thing, so mixing colors is a little tricky for me. I try to stick with out-of-the bottle colors.

I chose green and brown. This is how that turned out:

 While that was drying, I decided to practice painting little flowers. I wanted to put a design on the stand, but I'm not terribly artistic. I haven't practiced enough for that. So I practiced something simple on a piece of paper.

I made a decision on where the flowers would go. And went at it. The vines were done by Brian, and with his help. I'm actually not too great at painting leaves... The flowers I rocked though! All of the colors are straight from my chair, so it'll match that when it's done. Not that they will ever be in the same room, but you never know!

Here is my finished product!

I also sprayed it with a clear protector. I don't want it to chip. I'm really excited for how it turned out. It's cute, and simple, and my first project of this type. It was good practice.

That's all for now. I'm still working on my antique chair. I had to glue the bottom before I could cover the springs, so that's where that is. I'm sure it's dry by now, but I just don't have time...yet.

10 days til graduation!!