Monday, November 25, 2013


I haven't seen you in a while. Been busy? Me too... =/

Just working mostly. Oh and writing...a lot. I have a lot of writing to get done. I'm enjoying it. It just takes up a lot of time. I mean a lot. It's a little ridiculous how much time.

I do play on photoshop as well. Want to see somethings I've made?

That one of the couple...yea, I need to get that printed still. Haha. I suppose I can do that this week.

I don't really know what else to say. I've really just been writing... =/ I'll do more exciting things this coming month. I promise to check back in.

Love you.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Long time no see

It's been a while. For anyone who was wondering, I have not died. I haven't even come close. I've just been busy with other things. Things such as homework.

If you read that twice, that's okay. Yes, I did graduate in April. And yes, I still have homework. Not for my digital media degree. But I'm attempting to go for my masters. I shouldn't publicly announce that, but I just did. I'm doing some pre-requisite classes for the MFA of creative writing. I want to be able to teach writing...mainly in Ireland. So I'm trying really hard for it.

In fact, that's what I should be doing right now. Is just some typing to put towards my application. I made the mistake of going on facebook first though. I thought "I'll just check updates while I get comfy." Yea, no. That did not work. As soon as I opened FB, all creative thoughts went out the window. It was ridiculous. I don't think I have ever felt a thought leave my mind so quickly as I did in that moment. I learned my lesson.

That's why I'm here. I'm trying to get back into a mode where I can write. I hope to write at least two pages today. That's not at all a lot. I have written far more in one sitting, but I seem to be getting distracted more easily than when I was younger. For example, in writing this post, I paused and tried to think of annoying things I can do to annoy the studios Asian girl sitting across the room from me. My typing seems to be bugging her, and she doesn't like my rainboots.

I also paused to use the bathroom. And to stare at the man who just packed up his laptop. And to look for an outlet. And to give dirty looks back to the Asian who doesn't like my typing. She was here first, but I'm not using a typewriter. I don't know what her problem is. My keyboard is relatively quiet. Plus, she keeps tapping her boots on the floor and her chair legs. THAT is annoying.

Maybe I should start writing something that matters. Like pages for my application. I probably should have done that weeks ago, but it's never too late to start. (Except for if today was January 16th of 2014...that would be too late to start.)

Wish me luck!

Also, if you have any ideas for how to annoy the Asian across the room from me, send them my way.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sometimes... have to tough it out. 

Drove 52 hours in 4 days to Tennessee and back. I think its the longest I have ever consecutively spent with my mom. We rented a nice little car, bought fruit and drinks...and drove like mad. We got key-chains at every gas station from each state (minus Tennessee, and Wyoming). We listened to terrible country music...five seconds of it. We listened to my phone on repeat (i have all of 10 songs on it). We spent far more time than anyone should in Paducah, KY. (the people and businesses of Paducah like to say their town name. Every ad on the radio had the word Paducah in it. You saw signs for hours before reaching it. Also, got into an hour long traffic jam in Paducah... If I never return to Paducah I will not be sad.) 

Makenzie got her first real experience in a big city. We wandered around Chicago for a while. I had to pretend I wasn't terrified out of my bloody mind. Two little white girls in one huge as heck city... its the perfect set up for a horrible tragedy. But, for her, I pretended I knew what I was doing, walked around like I owned the place, and prayed like mad that if anything happened I would find a missionary who could help. =) It was a great time. 

...animals make a 25 hour trip better. empty field and beautiful girls make for a fun time (which sounded cleaner in my head). 

...random objects are more exciting after being on the road for so long. can't help but sleep.

...people change your life. 

Having spent the last week between jobs, I've gotten to know this awesome little boy better. Mind you, I live with him, but he talks a lot when he gets the chance. I think we've made some pretty good memories. Brax is an amazing kid. Get to know him. 

Also, Ben. Sometimes, people come and go in your life, right? All you can do is live and learn. 

...its nice to sit in pajamas and play video games. 
(photo courtesy of Braxton) 

...I get crafty.
(Not like sly crafty, but inclined to do crafts/art)

It means "welcome back" in Irish.

tilt your head to the left. 

Derek actually walked through this while it was wet...and then through my bedroom...caught him red-footed. take a trip down memory lane. 

704 13th Ave. Rock Island, IL. The house grandma was raised in. 

My first bracelet. I wore it when I was about 5 years old. It was too big, so I kept bending it to fit better. The metal is really weak now. 

...ships insert themselves into your blog without warning. 

Seriously, how did this get here? I don't even know where it came from. have to just smile and relax. 

That's just an update. I start my new job on Monday. My first big kid job. Life is really going to start up again. I'm excited...and nervous. Send happy thoughts my way? =) 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Chan started  a new blog. It's pretty cool. He wanted to make a website, so I started him with a blog so he can kind of see the very very basics of things on the internets.

You should check out Chan's Blog.

Leave him a comment.

Follow him.

Also, I have a pretty neat little project I'm working on. I'll post pictures when it's all done. I need a few more things. Namely burgundy burlap strips. I'm actually really excited.

In other news, Makenzie is on a road trip to TN right now. I'll be going out there for her in a week, and we'll be driving back home. 50 hours both ways. I must really love her.

Again, check out Chan's Blog.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


I'm at work right now. Bored out of my mind. I decided I would watch me some Hulu. I picked the first show that came up on their little banner. It was America's Got Talent. Let me tell you, America does not have talent...not T.V. talent anyway.

There were some great singers.

An awesome orchestra/choir rocked a classical version of "Call Me Maybe."

A little girl did a great vocal/piano piece.

And then there were the usual terrible talents where girls where nothing and just "be sexy" on stage.

That's not what I'm talking about though. I'm talking about our inability to make decent T.V. The entire episode was one and a half hours. I watched 10-15 minutes of the entire thing. The rest? It was all fluff, pointless banter. Basically, it was time-wasting crap.

That is what America is...reality T.V.

If someone asked me to define America, I would just say "reality T.V."

I'm not saying that Americans are the people featured on reality T.V., but that everything about reality T.V. is America. Everything from the creators, to the "talent" to the audience is America. (yes, obviously, but just listen for a sec.)

What do I mean? I mean that everyone has the "get rich quick" attitude. No work for lots of pay. Who doesn't want that? Reality T.V. is far easier to produce than a feature film. It's cheaper. The crew is far smaller, so less people to pay (and feed). No writer. No fussy actors. I know that there are going to be people out there (some I might even know) who disagree and think reality T.V. is great and difficult to make...but that's just because they never studied astronomy and missed that chance to see that there are endless possibilities in this world. Yeah, I'm calling them a very loving way. =)

A lazy man decides he wants to make money. So what does he do? He finds an "interesting person" and films them. BAM! Reality T.V. honestly, though, how many of these people are actually that interesting? Do you go to the mall to watch moms dress their daughters up in hooker clothes and parade them around? Do you look at your neighbor with a truck in their yard and a couch on their driveway and think "yes, this man is fascinating!"? Probably not. So why do you want to watch someone get drunk off their rocker, and sleep with a bum who might be their cousin? The thing is, someone is getting paid for it because he thought of filming his mailbox before you did. Deal with it.

Why is that man getting rich? Because Americans don't want to grow. They don't want to progress. I know there are several of us out there that do try to improve ourselves, but the vast majority, I feel, do not... Or if they do, they don't understand how. Watching a redneck go shopping at the supermarket in Okay, O.K. is not going to make you a better person. I honestly have not become a better person because I watched girls skimp down and take pictures to compete for a title. Yes, there are those shows that actually teach you things, but really, are you watching those? No. Why? Because you're alone if you want to actually succeed by your own hard work. No one likes to be we all sit and watch our favorite tubby toddlers tan just so we can chat about it at the water cooler.

The truth is, T.V. sucks. I know our tastes all vary, but honestly, T.V. is struggling to keep up because people don't want to be bettered, people don't want to work for money, people don't want to be "good people." People have to be better because they won't get a raise if they don't (or maybe they will). People have to actually get off the couch because very few people make money staying on a sofa (sadly, I think I just made a dirty joke, but I don't even get it...I've just heard it a million times...or seen it online). People don't have to be good people because it's just easier to not be, and it appears that it doesn't get you far in life... so why do it?

Basically, as a writer, or someone who hopes to make money on writing, everyone who produces television these days sucks. I hate them. Stop watching reality T.V. Go read a book. Go outside. Make out with your husband or wife. Do something more productive than watching a toothless redneck buy a truck made of duct tape.

Here, have a picture invisible car!

JK, this guy polished his car so well it reflected perfectly. Pretty cool though, right? 

(hey, remind me to ask my boss for a water cooler so I can talk about my favorite tanned tubby toddler doing the tango on the latest episode of "terrible moms" or whatever that's called.) 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Glass Cage

This week, I learned that sometimes we put people in glass cages. 

For example: 

Just kidding. 

But really. We put people in glass cages by how we choose to treat them. Bear with me, I'm not going to get all preachy on you. I just came to this realization. 

I am in a glass cage... people have put me there my the way they treat me in a certain social gathering that occurs weekly. It's not a big deal, really its not. and it isn't everyone. 

I have put people in glass cages... by how I treat them. 

You create a wall, a barrier. You build it up around yourself and under yourself. It's a way of "dealing" with people you don't want to deal with. It's a way of pushing out the things that don't fit into your life. 

I have probably put people in glass cages more than I even am aware of. I really wish I hadn't. But I think it's inevitable. I think that, as humans, we do that... I also know that, as humans, we have feelings... I know how sad, angering, and painful it is to stand inside a glass cage and look out confidently. No one wants to look like they've been cornered, neglected, or pushed out. We all aspire to be confident, strong, desirable people.  It sucks when you have to admit that you aren't all those things. 

The thing with the glass cage is that by being placed in someone else's glass cage, you aren't cornered, neglected, or pushed out. They are. The cage builders build cages because they themselves feel cornered, neglected, and pushed's their way back in.

It's impossible not to feel angry at being "caged." The thing is, if you get angry, the cagers keep you caged... The one thing I have found to work so far is just realizing that people do this and it isn't anything to worry about. Life does go on... drawing attention to the glass around me helps me to realize I can move out of is not put there by me...and there will always be a way out. 

I know all of this was a little serious and weird...and dramatic. So to make up for it, here is a picture of something a soldier drew during WWII: 

Check out the other sketches he did, here: The sketches are really really cool. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stating the Obvious

Since graduation, I've had a lot of time to think. I've been able to really give consideration to things that I never really could before. One of the many things I've given consideration to is writing. 

Every writer will tell you that no matter what he/she has written, hidden inside are pieces of him/her. That statement always seemed really silly to me. That's because all through school I've only written to get things done. I had due dates for reports, stories, then, eventually, scripts. While all of that was cool, it was just words on paper. Even in my creative writing class a few semesters ago, all I did was throw some clever words together and turn them in with a title. Today, though, I really thought about writing. 

I hit my head a few days ago, and due to the sensitivity of my brain, it sort of put me out of commission. Even now, I've had to do all my typing in short bursts. At work, all I did was doodle on a page because looking at a screen (for work purposes, or, more importantly, pinterest and imgur) hurt my head. When I finally did sit down and write something, it felt different. 

I finally gave it consideration. I started to put words on a page, and suddenly, they all meant something. I was writing a silly scenario that I thought up a few months ago. It isn't about my life, but while writing it, I realized it is my life. Not that I'm doing swim lessons, or taking a baking class (yet...just wait guys...), but the story is my life. 

I thought back to the first story I ever wrote. It was about a ratoncito (a mouse) and a gato (a cat). It was a fable about why cats and mice don't get along. (Mind you, I also illustrated was a masterpiece.) The story is entirely in Spanish, very basic Spanish. I was only 6 at the time. But I still remember the magic of creating this mouse that pissed of a cat... That story was my 6 year-old life made into a fable.

I thought about my next big piece I wrote. I was probably about 10. It was a story about getting lost in space on accident. (A game of hide 'n' seek gone wrong.) I wrote it down somewhere (Grandma might have it in my file box), but I also recorded myself reading it. I didn't have an end to the story, so I made one up as I read aloud. That story was 10 year-old me written out. 

My thoughts came back to the story I was writing now. This story is me, right now. 21 year-old, post-college, caught up in the magic of life, me. Suddenly, I got very scared of creating that story. 

Now, I do share pieces of me...all the time. Right now, for example. I blog. I post on facebook on occasion. In a way, that's all different. I am very carefully presenting myself to you. I am choosing what I share. When I write a story, though, I don't get to pick what I put in. Okay, wait, let me try that one again. I do choose what I put in, but not which parts of me show the most. I don't know if the reader will see the scared pieces, the inexplicably odd pieces, the silly pieces, the dark pieces, the loving pieces. And on top of that...will those pieces come across as annoying? Will they be accurate reflections of me? 

When all of that hit me...the words stopped coming. I know all writers hit that at some point...that scary realization that you are stripping down for the whole world. Writers are some of the most open and honest people, now that I've thought about it. Also the most cryptic. We just reveal ourselves to the world and hope for the best. That's all that can be done really. 

I wish I could say that just as quickly as the fear hit me, it left. That, however, is not at all true. I have 5 pretty cool pages I wrote this afternoon while eating a dreamsicle. (I may end up fat at the end of this summer.) I'm not sure I want to share those pages, though. I am proud of them, but then again, they are of course I am. The only solace I have, is that I have a lot of pages to still write to get to my ending. I'll deal with the fear when that time comes. 

For now, enjoy this picture of an old couple smiling at a sandwich. 

(it's a cellphone picture...the phone was swapped for a sandwich. made me laugh pretty good.)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week One of Freedom!

You guys, I made it! I actually made it! I graduated! Bachelors of Science in DGM, aw yea! Like a boss! I was a little worried my grades wouldn't be up to par to actually get a diploma, but this semester was by far the best. (Nothing below a B-.)

My professors were amazing. I can't tell you enough how amazing they were.

Matt (for ASL 1010) was incredible. I never ever dreaded going to his class, even when I forgot to do my homework. He was exactly what I expect every teacher to be like. He was always smiling and laughing. I don't think that man has a serious bone in his body. Class was always really great. He gave a million great examples of each thing, and was always really really clear on what he wanted. Nothing was left in the grey area. It was a great experience.

I met a lot of great people because of that class, as well. I can now communicate with a large number of people that were virtually unreachable before. It's amazing. I love it! I think I'll continue on with it in the coming years. The culture and the language are both really great! I love it! Thanks, Matt!

James (for Scriptwriting for Stage and Screen) was hands down the best creative writing teacher I have ever had. I struggled a bit in his class, which was the best part. He pushed me farther than any other writing teacher ever has. I learned more from him than I thought I would, that's for sure. I really enjoyed it. I now feel both more confident and less confident in my own writing. I feel like I know more now, and I have a better understanding of what direction to go, but I also can see now where I am truly lacking. It's an amazing thing! I can't wait to write more...but I can also wait to write more...

Dennis (for senior projects) was his usual Dennis-y self: scattered and talkative. It was really great though. I learned more from him this semester than I have all semester, and I think it's because he was more hands-off. Usually he's very hands-on, always on top of your work. This semester he left it up to us, which was great. I got to see where the lines were: where my tasks and responsibilities ended and where his began. It was a nice change. I'm very thankful for that. Thank you, Dennis.

Marj (for technical writing) was pretty fantastic. Her class was very different from any others I've taken. We played with legos, ate cookies, made sandwiches, and had a lot of professionals talk to us. It was a great experience. The class was always really simply put together, but that provided for the best lessons. It was always open for discussion, and she was very willing to talk and foster our discussions. Never once did we wonder what was going on, or what needed to happen. It was a pretty fun class. =)

If I tagged you and you read all that, then you can stop reading if you like. I just wanted to say thank you to my professors. =) so THANK YOU! A million thanks for helping me get through the semester!

Compared to this past semester, this week has been strange. It's been so empty, so free, and yet so painfully stressful.

School is now over. No more homework. No more tests... WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE!!

Everything seems so scary, and yet, I have never been more excited. I have the whole world at my finger tips! It's great! It's terrifying! I'm ready!

I've been applying for jobs daily, but as you all know, it's rough finding them. =( I just found one though, about ten minutes ago that I want more than all the stars in the sky. I'm crying because there is one qualification I don't specifically meet...and that makes me horribly sad. I'm going to apply anyway, and pray harder than ever for it. Please wish me luck!

In the meantime, I went to the library. I checked out ten books. Ten incredibly large books. Here's a photo of me with the books:

(I threw that in to break up the text)

They're mostly design books. I'm going to teach myself InDesign. I don't know that program, so I figured, why not! It'll give me something to do with my time. In fact, I wanted to learn InDesign in a month (a little shorter than a block semester at UVU), so I got a whiteboard and created a set of goals, or daily tasks...

Let's see if I can keep up on this. I'm going to hang it in my bathroom, so I see it every morning as a reminder, and every night to see that I actually did it. Here's to hoping, right! =)

Since I haven't had too much to do, I went on a field trip with Chandler's class. Here's a photo of Chan holding a June Sucker (one of two native fishes in Utah Lake):

Well that's about it. I'm gonna go work on my resume and cover letter for that dream job. WISH ME LUCK! (Pray, cross your fingers, eat fish chips and custard, whatever will help me have good luck)

Here's a funny gif for good measure! 

Love you! (for karma)

P.S. I got bored at work one day, during a rush time (there was a small break). I drew people's ID pictures in paint. They make me laugh really hard whenever I see them. ENJOY!

Double P.S. I made a rug! It turned into more of a hat, but I made a rug!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Latest Project - "Fan Stand"

I recently finished a new little project! I always feel so accomplished when I do that.

My latest little project was turning a childhood chair into a stand for my small fan. I have one of those little desk fans in my room, and to keep it off the floor, I set it on a broken chair that I had as a kid. It was the ugliest little thing. It had been left outside all winter and it was a mess. The back had broken off, the finish was all chipped, and the seat had warped. I like my fan sitting on it, so I decided it needed a make-over.

Before I even thought to take pictures, I sawed off the rest of the back that hadn't snapped off. Here is the beginning after it was sawed off.

 I sanded it, and cleaned it as best as I could. I also tightened all the screws on the sides, it was incredibly wobbly. (More wobbly than time...for all you doctor who fans out there...)

 Before painting it, I sprayed it with a white base. Brian suggested that, so that the colors stand out more. (Thanks, Bri) I hadn't thought of that. I'm glad he suggested it. It did help the colors stand out more.

To pick colors, I looked at my antique chair. I got every possible paint sample card from Home Depot, and then laid them out on my chair. I came up with a set of colors that matches the upholstery really quite well. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked craft paint to match. That was trickier, since craft paint doesn't come in nearly as many shades as Behr paint or Martha Stewart paint. I also am new to this whole painting thing, so mixing colors is a little tricky for me. I try to stick with out-of-the bottle colors.

I chose green and brown. This is how that turned out:

 While that was drying, I decided to practice painting little flowers. I wanted to put a design on the stand, but I'm not terribly artistic. I haven't practiced enough for that. So I practiced something simple on a piece of paper.

I made a decision on where the flowers would go. And went at it. The vines were done by Brian, and with his help. I'm actually not too great at painting leaves... The flowers I rocked though! All of the colors are straight from my chair, so it'll match that when it's done. Not that they will ever be in the same room, but you never know!

Here is my finished product!

I also sprayed it with a clear protector. I don't want it to chip. I'm really excited for how it turned out. It's cute, and simple, and my first project of this type. It was good practice.

That's all for now. I'm still working on my antique chair. I had to glue the bottom before I could cover the springs, so that's where that is. I'm sure it's dry by now, but I just don't have time...yet.

10 days til graduation!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I've been a bit stressed this week. There are 4 weeks until graduation. Not that that means a whole lot, other then EVERYTHING CHANGES!! No big deal. =/

My poor stressed mind has been forgetting everything lately. I barely know what day of the week it is. It's a pain...especially for homework reason. 

There is one bright side to this. EVERYTHING IS HILARIOUS! 

Yesterday I wore my maxi skirt (which I love with my whole heart), and some nice new white sandals. I only went to work, was inside all day. I got home, and my shoes were gray! I took them off...and my feet were grey. Turns out my skirt is also a great broom (quote Brian). I had successfully cleaned all the halls at UVU. You're welcome. As gross as it was, I got to soak my feet, which was great! 

Today, though...not so great. I'm wearing a knee length skirt (which I also love with my whole heart). My shoes are comfy, not white...not dirty. I thought today was going well. Until... well... this happened:

Never have I ever done that before...but I suppose it was bound to happen with all the skirts I've been wearing. Now I know why it's important to pull my skirt down when using the restroom.

Hope it made your day definitely made mine more interesting! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

more silly posters

because I was bored today while being sick

For work

for work

for work (there is an edited one, I just haven't saved it as a jpg)

for work

for work
Clearly, I am really productive at work... haha