Friday, January 30, 2015

"Owl Always Love You"

I feel like I should explain where I've been, but that is way too much to type out. Basically, I've just been living everyday, and sleeping a lot.

I haven't worked on many projects lately, but here's one I'm particularly excited about!

For as long as I can remember, Grandma has loved owls. It's always been her favorite bird...or at least I have thought it has... maybe it hasn't...either way, she always likes when I show her owl things.

A while ago, I went to Color Me Mine with Rich. I made an adorable little owl mug. Less than a week after bringing it home, I left it in the fridge and one of the kids accidentally knocked it out...causing it to break on the kitchen floor. I was pretty disappointed, but it's just a cup. Life goes on. Grandma, however, really liked the cup, so she saved the pieces and meticulously glued it back together:

After it was already glued back together.

She did a really good job if you ask me. You can barely see here that it was glued back together. There are a lot of tiny holes, so it won't ever hold liquid again, but it looks nice still. 

I'm going to end up using it as a nice little pen holder or something. 

Anyway, back to my explanation. 

Grandma loves owls, so much so that she repaired my mug because it was cute. See this shelf? I was going to just stick it on there, but there isn't room. See the wall? See all the eclectic wall decorations? See all of the space on the wall? 

All of these little decorations are things that Grandma loves. (Some of them are hand made, some are gifted. One is even a Christmas card that she framed because the picture was adorable.) I decided that since my mug has no room on the shelf, I would make grandma a little cross stitch owl to hang on the wall right by the sleeping mouse in the black frame.

I picked out an image for an owl. I picked out a tree design to put the owl in. I even picked out a cute little phrase to put around it. I'm going to start it today, and see how quickly I can get it done.

I anticipate it take a while, because I'm making the pattern up out of my own imagination...I don't have a pattern or design chart. But it'll be worth it. I want her to know that "Owl always love [her]".

Sorry this post was so weirdly written and really dull. I'm just very stoked for this project. I'll post an update soon about how it's going.