Saturday, September 1, 2012


I just watched this documentary (because that is what I do at work) about love and finding "the one" and everything that goes into that. It was really interesting.

One thing that the documentary mentioned, that all documentaries about love mention, is that you marry someone like your opposite gender parent. So I would marry someone like my dad.

I never knew my dad growing up, so I've always thought that that isn't true for me. How could I marry someone I didn't know?

I'm a firm believer in nature & nurture. Meaning, neither nature nor nurture can be the entire reason we are the way we are. I may be attracted to people like my dad because of genetics, but a lot of the reason I picked Nathan has to do with nurture.

I know, I just said I didn't know my dad. And that's still true. (I did not jump into the TARDIS and relive my childhood differently in between paragraphs here.) I did know, however, another dad.

I spent a lot of my childhood days at the Cazier's house down the road. First thing in the morning (or afternoon, I am not a morning person), I would go to play with Rachel. I stayed there all day and well into the night. They were like family to me. Sometimes, I would wonder what it would be like if I was a Cazier. I wanted so badly to have parents like Rachel did.

Brother and Sister Cazier's relationship ultimately affected how I view relationships now. It's an implicit memory tucked away. To me, their relationship was a happily ever after that I wanted. I still want it.

I picture my family being a lot like theirs. I picture my kids getting along for the most part. I picture them all watching TV together, or playing games. I picture them knowing they're loved.

I remember the first time I ever really saw/heard them verbally communicate that they loved each other, I was in shock. In my eyes, their love was all totally unspoken but fully understood. Hearing them say it to each other made me realize how very much they all love each other.

To me, that is happily ever after.

So Thank you Caziers. For rocking my world from the beginning.