Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary

I think everyone ought to know that today is Nathan's third anniversary with the love of his life: ME! I can't believe it's been three years already! I love it, I love all of it. I've loved every second of it! I love that there will be more, too! Many many more years to love! =)


If I wasn't running late, I'd post a million pictures up here, so hang tight and I'll get ya some soon.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Our society has grown as a whole. We've shifted and changed over the many, many, many years. From century to century our styles have changed. We as humans have changed. What used to be unacceptable when our parents were younger is acceptable today. In fact, we've changed so much that there are very few things that have remained the same from the beginning to now. One of those few things is music. We still have music. People still express themselves through songs.

Though our decision to create music hasn't changed, our music has. Which only underlines the fact that we changed, too.

 This is Mozart's Requiem: 2. Listen to it. You can feel the ups and downs, the story just flows. And that's just one piece of the requiem. Note the instrumental, each instrument is doing something different. Listen to the vocals. The ladies are singing something different than the men. Listen to how it all fits together.
 Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov. Flight of the bumblebee. It's one of the most popular classical songs out there. It's simple and yet so ridiculous at the same time, but it tells a story. Inside your head, it tells a story. That's what music does. It takes your life experiences and throws them together in your head to create a story. The story I hear in the music is totally different than the one you hear. We can't see the story Korsakov had in his head (but I bet it was about a bumblebee). It's amazing!
But then suddenly music changed. That's when we got music lacking bass, and people claiming they could sing...when really they just need to shut up. Then, musicians didn't make a whole lot of money. They worked their butts off to make something beautiful and original and got paid very little. They weren't a high part of society. They were in the middle class and even the lower class. Now days, people copy other people's music and get paid millions for it. Most musicians don't even write their own music, they just perform it. 

You've all seen this, right? Now you have.

It just amazes me how we do so little and expect so much. Music used to be a lot of effort and talent, now it's just a fun way to make money. It still does take some talent, but not like it used to. You don't really see Hans Zimmer's name on the top ten charts of the week. He writes brilliant stuff, but not many people recognize that.

Then you have Katy Perry you has one melody that she uses again and again and again... You all know it. Her songs sound exactly alike.

Lady Gaga does a better job at that, her songs don't all sound the same, but they have the same patterns to them.

Two words: Rebecca Black

There are people who express their feelings very blatantly and tell the world that they're going to go hook up just for the heck of it. That's fine, their business, not mine.

There are a lot of musicians out there. Everyone's ipod has different sets and combinations. We become our own composer and we make playlists to become soundtracks of our lives. We throw a little angry music into it when we feel like smashing something. We put a cheesy love song on to remind us of that one special person.

Some listen to rap, others country. Some still listen to classical music, others choose to listen to Justin Bieber (then the rest of us choose to shoot the person listening to Bieber). Music today is nothing like it used to be. It's a lot less work. A lot less time goes into it. Yet, it's more user friendly. People can go running and listen to a set of songs that pump them up. Try running to a's hard.

Our society has changed so much, gotten so simple, that it's both ridiculous and brilliant at the same time. Anyone can write a song and become a hit over night. That's awesome for those who have that dream...but it's ridiculous for those of us who turn the radio on and can never find something good because everything sounds the same!

Music will change again, and again, and again, right up until we hear trumpets, and then it'll change again. Society is going to grow, and change. It's going to get more simple and then it'll get complicated. It's how life goes. In a way, it's its own song.