Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Honey, I'm Home!

Guess what! I'm back! I'm back in business, baby! Sort of. I haven't been able to use my brain for the past week, which is surprisingly hard.

Things that use brainpower:
  • computer
  • TV 
  • Movies
  • writing
  • reading
  • living
  • breathing....

So basically, I have done NOTHING for the past week. Nathan has spoiled me like none other, and it's been amazing! He spoils me all the time anyway, but I was extra spoiled. =)

Now it's better, though. And I get to do stuff! I get to watch movies, read books, and write!! I also get to blog for you! I'm still really scattered though, and too much over-processing hurts. I have a hard time getting to places without getting distracted and lost... I can't talk on a phone and look at a computer. I can't walk and talk too well... walking and chewing gum, that's out of the question! (Jk on that last one.)

You know how it feels when you sit on your leg and it becomes extremely numb?  You can poke your leg but you can't feel it... you clearly still have a leg, but you can't walk on it... yea, that's how my head feels. I can tell I have thought processes going on, but they just won't come out! Like a word stuck on the tip of your tongue. It sucks...

And I totally forgot everything else I was going to say... Stay tuned, I may remember! In the mean time, laugh at this pic with me:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brief Hold

Hey, would it be alright if I put you on a brief hold? I had an accident, and I can't look at the computer for longer than a few minutes without getting a massive headache. I promise that as soon as I get better I'll start posting again! =) I have quite a few awesome stories to share with you!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Every day, you wake up and something happens. You choose to do something, an event occurs, or both at the same time. Every second of every day shapes the way you live the next seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. What you do right now will affect what you're going to do later in life. No matter what you do, life is going to go on. Wouldn't it be smart to happen to life instead of letting life happen to you?

When you happen, life goes better than you planned. One day, I decided to happen, and that led to the best two weeks of my entire life. I emailed Brian Sullivan and figured "Oh well if I don't get the internship." I got it. And I was terrified. I had no idea what to expect, how to act, what to say, what to wear, who to talk to, anything! But I decided to happen to this film. When I forgot to be scared and worried, it went beautifully!

I learned more than I can ever say, written or verbally. Each person I talked to and got to know over the past two weeks really changed the way I see things. I could try to list everything, but I think you'd all get really bored, and I'd need to miss a heck of a lot of work. Instead, I'll just list a few that stand out to me right now.

(These are in no particular order, and there are a ton more that I won't be on here...)

First off, Daryn. Daryn was the director and writer of this film. I never did get to read the story, but I imagine it was pretty neat. Just talking with Daryn, I realized that being the director is the best. No hard labor, people give you shoulder rubs, life is good. =) I also learned that what's inside of me is special and that when I let me show I'm happier than ever. There is no one to impress. There will be bad days, but if you hang in there through them, you'll be golden (like the coin I will now carry in my pocket every day)! One the second to last day I had a really crappy day. Set was awesome, but I just was grumpy. I kept a smile on my face and kept working anyway. The next day, I was excited again and ready to go. I ran into Daryn in the hallway and he told me that I have something special and that I shouldn't ever stop trying. We also played this game where we just complimented each other over and over again. The only rule was sincerity. I'm kinda bummed that game is over, because I really liked getting a million compliments. It did help me, though, to play nicer with other people. I don't think I can ever say thank you enough!

Then there was Luke. Luke was the lead actor in this film. The first time he said hi to me I was captivated. After all, he is British. Luke put his everything into each scene. If the scene was emotional, he spent hours preparing for it. He felt the character's emotions, and he showed them beautifully. When he wasn't on set, he was just as beautiful. He was really spiritual, and could see the beauty in every thing. He has a tattoo on his arm. It's of a panther with a banner below it that says "compassion." He said that the strength of man without compassion just makes you a bully. The last day of shooting, we were sitting in video village and he was telling me about the magic he saw in human emotion and thought. He told me stories of his ideas for things and told me that when a person loves, there is nothing more amazing than the feelings inside of him. He talked about always seeing the positive in every thing because without finding the positive, you can never truly find the areas that need fixing. That changed a lot inside of me. Just that one second. As he was leaving, he made me give him my word that I would go out into the world and just do what I love. Someday, when I get to see my work go up on the silver screen, I'll hunt Luke down and thank him. He really touched me...

The very first thing I thought about Robert was "Sweet! He's black!" I personally think black people are incredibly beautiful. This sounds stupid, but I was pretty excited to be working with a black person. One day, I was putting cables up in the ceiling. That really sucked. It wasn't the job, but the ceiling that sucked. We had to be gentle with the ceiling tiles, the metal frame kept falling and I swear something was up there gnawing on my hands. When I got done, my arms burned. I had more cuts on them than I thought was physically possible. I can't even tell you how painful it was. Decades of dust started to burrow into my skin. Robert took me outside and found some cleaning pads. Very gently, he wiped the dust off of my arms. It was simple, but it was really sweet of him to do that. It was a very different side of him that I hadn't yet seen. Before (and after) that, we spent a lot of time trying to get at each other. It started when a nasty water drop fell from the ceiling in the cell block. It got him right on his forehead. I laughed hysterically. Later, I was standing by the door and I felt a drop hit my head. I was not happy. After silently freaking out, I turned around and Robert was standing there. He had tapped my head just right to make it feel like a water droplet. From then on, we just kept trying to get at each other. He always joked about how much I ate, and it made me laugh. Hey, there was free food, of course I'll eat it! =) Unfortunately, I think I lost our little game. He came up behind me when I was turned around in a hallway, and just as I was going to face the door, he grabbed me. I almost wet my pants. It was the funniest thing in the world. I had a lot of fun talking with Robert. I felt incredibly comfortable and at ease around him. That helped a lot on the second to last day when I was grumpy. I'll definitely never ever forget him. and someday, I'll go out to LA and make him take me to the beach so I can tan up a bit. ;)

Isaac. My other black buddy! He was HUGE! My waist was the size of his upper arm. He's 6'6" and pure muscle. As big as he was though, he was such a teddy bear. At first, he looked incredibly menacing. After all, he could eat me and probably not notice. He was incredibly polite and seemed really traditional. By that I mean he was a real gentleman. His hand was the size of my head, but I don't think he would have hurt me ever. When I was around him, I felt really insignificant. I pictured him tripping and accidentally smashing me... But he helped me off the apple box (which was a good thing), and he always made me smile. This paragraph seems a lot smaller than the other ones, but it's only because of the way he helped me. It had a lot to do with how I felt, and I can't think of words that describe that. Thank you, Isaac, for being my friend!

The first people I met were Loni, Josh and Charles. We were the GE department. When Brian told me to go up to Redman to meet them, I got more nervous than I thought was possible. All I had to do was go help them. It wasn't like I was having my life decided for me by them or anything. After working with those three for a few days, they started to feel like a little family. It's stupid, so don't laugh. It's also true, though. I knew that if I had no idea what to do, I could ask any one of those three and they'd help me out. I don't normally relate to girls all that well, so I was worried Loni and I wouldn't get along. After a while though, it became really comforting for me to have her there. She is the first girl I've ever felt 100% okay with. Maybe it's because she was just so danged awesome! =) If I ever felt like I wasn't loved, I could have joined another department and then listen to Josh rant about it. Aside from that, though, I learned that it's always best to just say "Yes, Sir" and do the task. Never whine, never question. Just do it if your boss says so. I've been told that a million times, but seeing Josh actually DO it made a huge difference. It makes the job go a lot smoother if you just do what you're told. If you don't think it'll work, do it anyway, then talk about it after. You never know what's going on in someone else's head, so you have to just do what they ask so that the project keeps moving along. =) On the day that I was in a bad mood, Charles helped a ton. It wasn't like he did a whole lot, but he texted me and made sure I was okay. He then took me outside to smash lightbulbs. That sounds ridiculous, but it was a blast! I really enjoyed it! Throughout the whole show, he stuck clothespins to me and threw tape at me and just messed with me. So I did it back. It broke up the long stretches of nothingness. I really like Charles and I feel like I was super lucky to work with him. He was always smiling and always happy. The job may have sucked, but he was still smiling. If I ever have a bad day anymore, I know that it can be solved by throwing florescents at a wall. It makes everything better. =) Overall, I really loved this department. I got the chance to work in all of them, but this was by far my favorite. I wouldn't have switched over for anything!

There are a ton of other people who really made this an awesome experience. When the film comes out, look up the cast and crew list and you'll see the list of my favorite people. I really enjoyed every second of it. This was my very first real film, and even though it was tiny, I really had a blast. I know each job is different, but I can't wait for my next one someday. If I ever do anything way awesome, I know for sure these are the first people I'll thank. =)

Thanks, guys, for the best two weeks of my life!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Short and Sweet

This has gotta be short, sweet and to the point. I haven't been posting a lot because I've been wicked busy. I barely have time to sleep. Why? Because I'm doing an internship on a film set, working full time, and attempting to help in the remodeling of my home. Poor Nathan is taking this the hardest, he barely gets to see me. It's really unfortunate. But let me update you on some of the EVENTS and stuff that's been going on lately:

  • Working on the set of "Inside." It has become one of the best experiences of my life. I will never ever forget it and all the fun I've been having. 
  • Working full time at Vivint... it really has worn me out, but I'm making a lot of awesome friends there! Soon, I'll actually have girl friends! haha. 
  • Rachel and I are working things out. (stay tuned and I'll explain that when I get more time)
  • Yesterday was Summerfest. That has always been the highlight of my summers. I love going. I especially love going with my family and Nathan. 
  • Nathan and I got these sweet rings. I'll post pictures up later. 
  • More unplanned parenthood, but this time, I do get a little prep time. 
I know there are more things to write, but I really can't think of them...especially since I gotta go to work now. I'll update again later, in the meantime, here's a parrot riding a bike! ENJOY!

Thursday, June 2, 2011