Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soap Opera Sunday

Why do they call them soap operas? I have a couple of theories, but I don't think they're all that accurate.

Theory 1: Women used to watch them while making soap. Back then, there was probably a lot more singing.

Theory 2: They were advertised on soap boxes, knowing that women would buy the soap and be intrigued at the shows that specifically targeted them.

Some day I'll research it. For now, I'll just write you a brief description of what's going on in my head, soap opera style! It's hard to WRITE a soap opera on a blog, so it'll be formatted like a story.

Morgan was sitting on the bed/couch in the family room. Thoughts of confusion cross her mind, leaving her face twisted and her eyes empty. She was thinking about the previous day. "Why in the world did Cameron write that text? It made no sense. I bet it was his girlfriend. She seems pretty immature, and that's exactly the kind of thing she would do."

While pondering what to say to Cameron, or what to do about the situation, Morgan's mind drifted to other immature people. So she looked them up on facebook. The immaturity of some people's actions overwhelmed Morgan. "Oh boy. Now I should blog about it." So she did.

That's it. The end.

Seriously though, some people drive me insane. I know I'm dramatic a lot, but I am a 19 year old girl. I'm allowed to be a bit dramatic sometimes. Normally I'm a pretty chill kind of girl. You can do your thing and I'll continue on my marry little way. I don't care if you get drunk, or smoke, or eat cilantro. Those are your life choices. I don't care if you go hang out with your friends or text me cryptic and ridiculous messages then ignore me. Honestly, I don't care if you want to steal all my left shoes! You do your thing, I do mine.

That's how I am normally, but once upon a time, my feelings were hurt...again and again and again and again. No, I'm not quite over that. I do still feel really angry and hurt when it crosses my mind. Why? Because it was all due to some people's lack of consideration and true friendship.

I don't know about you, but I deeply care about my friends. I would give my life for Nathan. I'd drop everything and rescue Robyn if she needed it. I'd sell my soul for Timera. I would most definitely do what I could to help Nick. I wouldn't ever hurt James or let anything hurt him. I sincerely care about my friends and their lives. Naturally, I do things on my own, but if I'm having a party, I WILL invite ALL my friends. I won't pick and choose and just happen to leave ONE person out.

The fact that I was in a circle of friends and I happened to get excluded really really pisses me off. I've asked a million times why they did that, but the answer almost makes less sense than them just excluding me. Apparently, they thought I didn't have fun with them. So Instead of asking, they just assumed and excluded me.

I'm getting really worked up over this and it really really pisses me off. Haha. What I want to do is email them and just rip them a new one, but I also don't want to have anything to do with them. I can think back to all the good times we had together, and it makes me smile, but then I realize that they were probably being mean behind my back. It's too late to worry about it anymore, because I'm all growed up and they aren't. It's impossible to ask for a logical answer from a child...if they want to act like high schoolers for the rest of their lives, they can do that. I'll just be over here, in my world, with my grown up friends, doing grown up things and enjoying LOGICAL moments and HELPING each other instead of trying to one-up everyone.

Yea...I can be a soap opera sometimes... but only when I sing while in the shower. (get it?)

You won't believe it, but I found this picture AFTER I came up with the "Soap Opera Sunday" idea...and I didn't even google "Soap Opera Sunday!" Guess it was meant to be:

Saturday, August 27, 2011


This is just a basic update on what's been happening in my oh-so-exciting life.

1. I cut and dyed my hair. I now have decently short, semi-blond hair.
2. Grandma was incredibly sick, but now she's doing incredibly better!
3. I have an ear infection, but I discovered ear drops! God's gift to people like me who get sick often. These ear drops magically took a lot of the sharp pain away.
4. I quit Hell--er..vivint. I am DONE there!
5. I do weekend jobs for Lenzworks. It's pretty much awesome!
6. I absolutely love hanging out with Robyn Jordan. I think she's one of the coolest people I have ever known, and I love her to pieces.
7. Timera Lindsay: I can't wait to go to school with you again.
8. Nathan always knows exactly what to say and do to make me feel better.
9. I cleaned my room. and bought a backpack. and... shoes. I bought my first pair of Merrel's.
10. I am gonna go to sleep.

Please enjoy this awesome picture of a death star jack-o-lantern. I am so stoked for fall!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Open BOTH Eyes When Aiming"

A few weeks ago, I went shooting with Charles. (By the way, I suck at it.) He was nice, and didn't make me feel too stupid. Charles kept giving me little tips, like stand up straight, bend this elbow, straighten this elbow, lean forward, pull back, don't anticipate the kick, and open both eyes when aiming. To be honest, I don't know how to aim with both eyes. It makes sense that I'll hit the target more often when using both eyes, but I just can't do it.

While opening both eyes is important in shooting, I feel like it's important for other things, too. Like driving, playing sports, reading, and campaigning. Today I read an article in the Daily Herald about twin sisters from the U that have started a campaign for women. The main image in the article was a billboard that the sisters created.

The article talks about their campaign to help females realize that societies views of beauty is false. That's awesome, but it's only one of many many many campaigns doing this. Every campaign like this one has the same goal: to get women to see their true value and to tear the media down. This is an admirable goal, but I don't think they'll ever accomplish it.

That sounds incredibly pessimistic, but just listen for a sec. Females everywhere are being bombarded with media images of what? There are pictures and products everywhere that make us believe we need to be something we're not. We see tall, skinny, perfect women. It's a fact. Now, it's awesome that people like these sisters are trying to change the way we think, but they're missing the main target. Who is creating these images? Who's behind it all?

"Well duh, Morgan, clearly the media. You just said that yourself." I sure did, but who is behind the media? Who is the marketing agent that's paying people to create these images? THAT'S who you need to target. It's men. Plain and simple. Women are in the marketing business, but they have only recently got there, relatively speaking. Men have controlled this planet for centuries. Women haven't gotten their foot in the door until the last 60-70 years. While women may be in the marketing room now, telling people to create the images, it wasn't always that way.

It began with men. They created the "perfect" woman. They pasted her all over the billboards. They put her face on bottles, and bags, and posters, and ads. They made shirts for her, and pants, and underwear. Men did it because they know they're in charge. If a man can convince another man that his wife is not beautiful, the man will always believe that.

We can create endless campaigns to remind women of their true worth, but it will never due us any good. Men will still see women the same as they always have unless we change that too. Companies are not going to change their product ads; those ads make them money, why would they stop? They'll stop when they stop making money off of them. They'll stop when men start saying "Hey, wait a second, that's disgusting! Women don't actually look like that."

Just like when doing target practice, you need to open both eyes for campaigns. Now, if someone can come up with a solid campaign to remind men that women aren't just pretty little toys, they'll make millions.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Hardest Part

My supervisor showed me that.

Everything has something hard to it. Clearly the hardest part about rollerblading is telling your parents you're gay. The hardest part about working for Vivint is working for Vivint. The hardest part about applying for jobs is having the patience to sit and fill out applications. The hardest part about raising kids is remembering not to lock them in dungeons...or something like that.

The point is, nothing is ever 100% easy all the time. True, breathing is easy, but your first breath probably wasn't the easiest. Sleeping can be easy, but there is such a thing as insomnia. Eating can be hard one way or another. School is hard sometimes. Work is hard. Life in general is hard.

Right now, the hardest thing in my life is dealing with work, but even harder than that is proving someone wrong. (that made no sense...dang)

Basically, I've come to realize that the hardest part about proving someone wrong is actually proving them wrong.

Sometimes it's super easy to prove someone wrong:

Other: "Morgan, you can fly!"
Morgan: "Oh really?" *jumps and falls on face*

Other times, it's really hard:

Other: "Morgan, you cannot fly!"
Morgan: "Oh %$&#!!"

Right now, I'm in a blue situation. I cannot prove someone wrong. Actually, I can't figure out how to prove someone wrong. I want nothing more than to prove this dude wrong. I want to be invincible and amazing! Basically, I need to not get hurt, at all, for the next three months...not that hard. But I also need to just be overall awesome.

It sounds easy enough, but in reality, I don't know how to just be awesome. I can be awesome sometimes, but I need to be beyond awesome right now. I need to be so awesome that even this kid can't help but notice. I don't want his attention as in I want him to like me. I want his attention as in I want him to dislike me.

I want him to be mad at himself for saying I couldn't do it. I want him to have such a massive face-palm moment that he leaves a huge red hand print on his face for a week. I want him to be embarrassed to talk to me. It sounds harsh, but it's true. I love this dude to pieces, and I really admire him, but I do NOT like his opinion of my abilities. He needs to realize that just because he's older than me, and more experienced (that's what she said), he does not get to say what I can and cannot do.

For the next three months I'm going to work on my awesomeness. I'll keep you updated on it. Cross your fingers and pray that I can show this guy up. If I can, that means great things for me!

Friday, August 5, 2011

From the Archives

Lamp please. Key please. Stand back.

Let's take a tour of the archives:

First we have a random post from a random date:


Ya know what really gets me? High School students! I know I am one, but that doesn't mean they still can't drive me nuts.

There are a few kids out there who are my age who don't bother me, but for the most part, HS kids suck.

First, there are the ones who think their parents don't know anything, so they do things their way. Their way doesn't work out, so they try harder to not do what their parents say. I mean seriously. Parents can get annoying, but HELLO! they're older than you, by a lot. They've been here and there, they know what its like to deal with things. I mean they didn't live in the Garden of Eden, they know the world can really suck, they know that friends can be back stabbers, they know how hard it is to listen to parents!

Second, there are the ones that rebel to be different...the only problem with that is they all rebel the same way! Instead of standing out, they blend in. Their parents set rules like "don't dye your hair blue" so what do they do? they dye it blue! "don't get your body pierced" so what do they do? They pierce EVERYTHING!! It goes on and on like that! Yes, they wan't to be different, but that doesn't mean you have to be different in that way only! Try being extra bubbly, or work on your grades, or hey, here's a wild idea, BE YOURSELF!

Third, Kids whose parents control their every move. For example "Emma" (name has been changed just to be nice) used to be one of my bestest buds. Then her mom took over. Now emma only talks to me when her mom is not around, but as soon as her mom steps from behind her evil cloud of evilness, emma stops talking to me. she even blantantly ignores me. Emma also works to please her mom, because she is too scared to actually work for her own dream, so she works for her moms dream.

Fourth, people who are actually too arogant to realize how ignorant they are. Yes, this is refering to a lot of the kids in a certain program im involved in. They sit there, and listen, but only to a certain extent. As soon as the teacher says something they don't like, they shut their ears and open their mouths. "What?! Sex does not influence our advertising!" or "Our teacher is so perverted. No other teachers seek out ads that show semi naked women, or women shaped like perfume bottles! what is wrong with him!?" GROW UP! THE ADS EVERYWHERE ARE VERY SEXUAL AND VERY SEXIST! GET OVER IT! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T BOTHER READING ANY ADS, WATCHING TV, OR EVEN GOING TO A MOVIE!

oh! that's another thing! these same kids watch movies that have strong sexual content (for mormonville)--transformers 2-- and they don't see anything wrong with it. but when the topic of sex ed in schools comes up, they get all whiney about how awkward and horrible it is. they whine about how teachers shouldnt talk about sex at all, not even if it's part of the reproduction lesson in an anatomy class. RIDICULOUS!

I love all my friends, I really do, but sometimes, ya gotta grow up. I have a lot of growing and learning to do, but at least I'm over the "girls have cooties" stage, and I'm following my own path, my way with the help of older, smarter people.

 "Aw, how tewt! A baby Mugie!" I am three years old in this picture. The couch that is taller than me in this now comes up to my belt line. It's amazing how much I've grown! =)

Now, for the final stop of the night: A RANDOM SONG! I'm going to pick a song from my itunes library and then I'll post the music video. *please be good, please be good, please be good...and clean*


You're wrong

If you know me, then you know that I don't take "no" for an answer. I will not be told what to do (unless it's something I want to do) and I don't listen when someone tells me I cannot do something. Sometimes this gets me into trouble, but most times it gets me where I want to be. Right now, it's getting me ice cream.

Yes, I am lactose intolerant. I have been for a few years (that I know of). It's been a really long few years. I feel like it's been my whole life. I gave up milk without too much of a fight (because it made me sick), but I still struggle with wanting Macey's soft serve ice cream. It is seriously God's gift to Orem city.

Normally, milk (and dairy in general) makes me really sick. I've been testing that lately, and so far so good. I got sick for about ten minutes after eating an ice cream treat at Lake Powell. And I've been able to eat cereal with real milk in the mornings. Next test? MACEY'S SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM!

I am not going to sit here and let my own body tell me I can't have what I want. That's just dumb. I want ice cream, I'll get ice cream.

People didn't think I could graduate HS with my AS degree, but I did it. People didn't think I could write, but I'm doing it. People didn't think I could be a grip, but I tried that and did it alright. People thought I'd be pregnant before I turned 20, but I'm not. Do not tell me what I can and cannot do. It just doesn't work. I will prove you wrong. I will prove myself wrong. I'll eat that ice cream, and it'll be the best ice cream I have ever tasted (again)!

If you have something to say about that, I think you should keep it to yourself, because, chances are, you're wrong.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oh Boy

So much time has passed, sheesh. Sorry about that. I can't guarantee I'll stick around this time, but I'll post today.

First: Vivint... Oh. My. Gosh. I hate it. I am so so so so so sick of answering phones. Actually it's not the answering the phones that irritates me, it's the people off the phones that get me. I don't mind angry customers. I don't mind loud alarm sirens going off. I do mind jerk faces and morons. A certain someone at work is a total....words I don't say....I don't even know where to begin with that kid. He's 23, but he acts like a kid. He acts less mature than Kenzie. That's saying something. He pulled me into the drama with his ex-girlfriend, then lied to me, which caused me to give his ex-girlfriend false info, which makes me look like the bad guy! Then he has the nerve to blame it on me and call me a crappy friend! WTF?! I'm seriously really sick of it all. I cannot wait to find a new job.

Second: Lake Powell. It was awesome!  Unfortunately I couldn't do a whole lot because of my shoulder, but it was still amazing! I got to spend every second with the love of my life. It was incredible! There weren't distractions, or stupid people (at least people that weren't that stupid).

Story: I was sitting on the top deck of the boat at Lake Powell and I took my ring off because it was hot and it gets annoying when it's hot out. I set it on my lap and listened to some music while watching everyone else swim. I stood up and forgot to put on my ring. I watched it roll off the chair, across the deck, and into the water. If you know anything about Lake Powell, you know that once something falls into the water, there is no chance you're ever getting it back. As soon as the ring hit the water I felt my stomach go with it. I was so mad. I ran and grabbed my cell phone and went to find cell service to call home. While trying to find service, Nathan came up the cliff. He handed me my ring and hugged me. He dove down and found it before it got buried in the sand. Where the ring fell, the water was only eight feet deep. I haven't taken it off since.

Third: My shoulder. It hurts more than anything else at times. I dislocated it, then didn't take care of it. During the trip, it started to hurt really really badly. So I made a sling out of bandanas until I could get home. Once home I was able to find a real sling. It stresses me out though. I hate not having my arm. I also hate how it hurts when I try to use it at all. *sigh* I guess I'll just deal with it.

Fourth: School starts soon. I can't wait for that! I can't wait for classes to start! I love being in them, and being with those people, and learning stuff that I never even knew I could learn! It's so exciting! It'll beat the pants off of going to work.

Anyway, I need to go shower so I can spend time with Nathan. Adios!