Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo Recap

Here are photos I haven't put up because I hadn't put them on my computer yet.

 This is from the eclipse (not the terrible movie, but the actual astronomical event). It's a super weird angle for me, but look how long my legs look!

 We didn't get special glasses, so we combined all of my sunglasses to look at the sun. It worked nicely. Probably fried our eyes, but we could see!

 This is Brax at the dance festival. He spent the entire dance totally concentrated on each step. It was cute.

 This girl had some serious hip action going on. It was really cute.

 Chandler isn't a dancer... This dance was a bit more elegant and silly at the same time. Watching Chan try to be elegant was silly.
 I caught his face as they jumped in a circle. He wasn't as focused as Braxton, but he was way more shy.

 This is from Braxt's first baseball game of the season. I haven't made it to any others yet. I plan on it soon though!

 This is Brax up to bat! he really swung at that ball. Nailed it!

 He slid into every base, and even when he was running in the outfield to catch a ball, he would slide. Silly Brax
 I got my hair cut today? You like? I like. A LOT.
 I got bored before my class today. This is what happens when I get bored and can't stop looking at myself and my new do. =/

That's a picture recap for ya! Hope you enjoyed it! My weekly posts will return with an Aquarium visit and a self defense course for the kids. As well as a failed craft and a well done craft. Here's a peak!

It's a necklace pin board for Makenzie. She liked it. I liked it. And it was quick and easy (once I found all the right materials).

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Morgan's Weeks 5 and Six

Sorry I haven't posted lately. It's been a long two weeks.

Some of the highlights include finishing the shed, Orem Summerfest, and a double date.

I can't really remember all of the past couple of weeks. I haven't been sleeping real well.

The shed looks stellar. I wish I had taken a before picture, but I promise I will post an after picture! It took three days, one extra trip to pick new colors, and a lot of scary ladder maneuvers. In the end, I really enjoyed it. And Grandma really likes it (which is all that matters, since it's her shed in her yard).

The weekend of Summerfest was a blast. It was ridiculously windy, though. I think Derek was worried he would blow away. If he wasn't so close to the ground, I'm sure he would have. I enjoyed spending the day with the kids and Nathan. Unfortunately, due to the freezing wind, I didn't get many pictures... Nathan got a couple of the parade and I got a couple of us eating (which is super exciting, I'm sure).

That morning, however, we went to a breakfast hosted by Macey's grocery store down the road. It was a Spiderman themed breakfast. Eggs, bacon and spiderman cereal, and canned Sunny-D. =) A worker dressed as Spiderman and was supposed to jump from the building and swing down. During his practice swing, he slammed into the side of the building and fell to ground in a heap. Then he thought he fixed the problem, and tried again dressed as Spiderman. He jumped too hard from the building and again hit the building. He was at least more graceful.

Here's a picture of the boys with Spidey!

Derek was confused, Brax was shy, and Chan just wanted to go play on the bounce slide.

Sunday, the day after, Nathan made the most delicious Asian food. We had grilled garlic steak tips (kabobs), and herbed white rice. It was soooooo good. I am so glad I bought him that Asian cook book. =) It's a gift that keeps on giving.

Tuesday, Nathan and I went on a double date with Jack and Brian. It was a lot of fun. They're funny guys. We went to Wingers, and saw Prometheus. The movie lacked story, but the graphics are worth seeing. The sound was good at being eerie and creepy. It was cool to get to know Jack and Brian better.

I went to the dentist yesterday. If you know me, you know I'm terrified of the dentist. Grandma went with me. That made it a lot less scary. My teeth are all shiny. Turns out I have this weird infection that's causing me to hurt. So I got a mouth wash prescription. It tastes fine, it just burns like heck. Makes my tongue all tingly.

Anyway, I'll let you know how this next week goes. I promise I'll post!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Theories and Dilemmas

(I may have spelled "dilemmas" wrong.)

A couple of weeks ago, my coworker was doing her philosophy homework. She had to respond to a thought put online. The thought was about a theory and problem Kant comes up with. I don't remember the theories involved, but the problem was something about ending up in sticky moral situations. (Someday, I should google all this and find the exact names and theories and everything. Sorry about that, guys!)

I'm terrible at coming up with moral dilemmas on the spot. After a little thinking, and living, though, I came up with one: loyalty vs. keeping personal standards you set.

I don't think I worded that right.

Say someone in your family is severely into drug use and has been evading the law for a while. You have set up rules that you won't let anyone in your home put you and the rest of the family in danger. This person is putting everyone in danger, but you promised not to do anything about the problem. Do you remain loyal to that family member, or do you protect yourself and the rest of the family?

Then the questions comes up, which is best for the overall family scheme? Does that person need to suck it up and face consequences, or should they be allowed to roam free and wait for the consequences to catch up with them?

I don't feel like I'm making much sense, but that's what's been on my mind lately.

Here, enjoy this instead:

that site has 20 of these funny diving pictures! I enjoyed them! Take a look, in honor of the upcoming olympics!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Morgan's Week FOUR

The week started off with Memorial day, which was pretty freaking fun. I always love dinners with Nathan's family. Plus, I got to see James's dog, Cash. Dumbest, but sweetest dog ever!

This beauty also came on Memorial Day! My first strawberry off my plant of the year! WOOT!

I cut it into quarters and shared it. =) It was the best itty bitty bit of berry I have ever had! And it's mine! Off my plant!

Before the bbq, I went swimsuit shopping. I fell in love with this suit:

Not the best picture of me, but my suit looks good! I like how it fits. It's got a tummy slimmer (to slim all that fat I have...) so it fits snug but not too snug. Most suits don't do that for me.

Tuesday was the kids' dance festival. I haven't loaded the pictures onto my computer yet, but it was really awesome! The boys did great! Brax did a hat dance. He focused a lot on each step, you could see his concentration in his eyes. Chan did an elegant/child-choreographed dance. It was interesting, and he is not that graceful. At least this year he danced. Last year he just watched everyone else dance for the most part.

Wednesday, I was sick. Which sucks. A lot. =( It's the first time I've had such a bad cold that I had to stay home. I'm still blowing the most disgusting things out of my nose. Bleh. Nathan is really good at taking care of me though. He's always good at that.

Thursday was a food fest for my intercultural class. This is what I ate:

I have fish and chips (Australia), Pavlova (Australia), Korean meat and rice (super tasty), and a Greek vegetable salad (also tasty). It was kind of fun to try the different foods. Nathan and I have been on a food trying kick.

Which reminds me, Monday Nathan and I tried some different sodas, again. We tried Boylan Orange cream soda and Winehausen (or something like that) Orange. The orange cream was really tasty. I loved the orange cream, and Nathan liked the plain orange. It's always good when it works out that way.

Back to the week.

Friday, yesterday, I took Nathan and Grandma to China Village. It's a new restaurant that opened up in Lindon. It was pretty freaking incredible. We all ate until we were full, then ate more. It was sooooooo ridiculously tasty. I can't describe it. My stomach and mouth and every part of me was in heaven! You need to try it if you live close to Lindon. It's relatively cheap too! A dinner plate (fried rice, a spring roll, entree of your choice, and a salad) costs less than $9.00. It's soooo good!

And today is Saturday. I went to Braxton's first baseball game today. It was really hot, but super awesome to watch him play! He is pretty good at hitting the ball. =) I can't wait for more blistering hot summer days to watch him play!

Nathan also had a big first today. He bought Makenzie "girl stuff" today. I'm at work and couldn't, and Grandma wasn't home. It's a bit embarrassing for him I think, but it was really awesome of him to do that. I love him to pieces, and I can't wait to spend many more weeks with him. (MANY  more weeks with him!) 

Friday, June 1, 2012

A story

First off, to answer everyone's questions, the reason I have holes in my memory is because of a concussion caused by a ladder. Hurt like heck. Still hurts sometimes. That was a year ago in two weeks (funny how I remember that...).

Now onto my story:

Her slender legs dangled on either side of the fence. It was a peculiar fence: thin as tissue, but held seats on the top. There were no gates. Just endless fence. Her curious blue eyes followed the length of the fence. She watched as people climbed up and down, sometimes they stayed and sat with her. No one stayed for nearly as long as she had. The seats were surprisingly comfortable, but like all seats designed for straddling, mostly only other females stayed. Men climbed up, sometimes sat for a moment, then climbed back down. She wondered why. The view was great, and she was able to make friends on both sides of the fence.

"Romera!" he called up to her. "When do you plan on coming down?"

"Not for a while!" Romera called down.

He walked away. Romera watched as he passed through the group of red heads on the north side of the fence. She watched as the red heads talked, played games, and laughed at jokes she couldn't hear. Day after day she watched the red heads. They stayed up until the sun nearly peeked over the horizon, then slept until the sun peaked in the sky.

While the red heads slept, Romera watched the people living on the south side of the fence. She watched as they brushed their white hair, and ironed their clothes. She listened as they talked and told each other stories. She smiled when they smiled at each other. They were always happy. So were the red heads.

Romera enjoyed the fence. She got to watch both groups. Sometimes she got to participate in their group activities. It was great.

After a while, the red heads started turning on Romera. It started with simple teasing. Then it they started calling her names for having her legs on both side of the fence. She turned away from them, and tried to find comfort in the white haired community. They listened when she needed to talk, and they offered suggestions. She wanted to jump off the fence and join them, but she felt her hair was far too pink, so she remained on the fence.

One day, a red head climbed the fence and sat beside her. He apologized for the others treating her so poorly. He told her of how he stood up to them and told them to leave her alone. Romera felt as comfortable with him as she did with the white haired people, despite his brilliant red hair. He came and sat with her for a few hours each day, then climbed back down to join in the festivities constantly going on with the other red heads. She didn't like how he left her.

"Julian, why do you keep leaving? Couldn't you just stay?" Romera asked before he left again.

"The red heads are fun. We have a lot of fun together," Julian replied. She watched as he climbed back down.

The teasing never stopped, and once she saw Julian among the crowd laughing and tugging on her leg.

She looked to the white haired people. They held their arms open to her, and she decided to climb down and join them. Romera never saw Julian again, but it didn't matter.

She thought about how much life had changed since she climbed down the fence. Her hair never turned fully white like she expected. In fact, she came to notice that everyone had a slight pink tint to their hair. She ironed her socks and admired the ridiculousness of it all.

The end.