Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just a Quickie

Hi. My name is Morgan. I'm only 20 years old. I have two semesters left of school. Yes, I do want to marry Nathan, but I have time. I can't even drink yet...jsut sayin'. I don't need to be makin' babies right now. Despite being Mormon, having ten kids in ten years isn't my goal.

Thank you. That is all. Off to watch HP7.1. Adios.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Random: Thoughts and Photos

My weeks have been filled with a lot of school and work. I'm trying to work extra hours now to make up for the week I'll be gone. It's really tiring. I know my job isn't demanding, just having to be here gets tiring. I'm really happy I have awesome coworkers and that Nathan and I work in the same building. =)

Here's a random picture!

This is the North Sail Dock at Utah Lake. Nathan and I went down there for pictures and walking around. Sail boats seem really cool. Someday I will go sailing... or sit on a sailboat while someone else does the actual sailing. Not because I'm lazy, but because I don't think it's a good idea for me to sail without any practice first.

Here's a random thought!

The BSA have kept the ban on gays being involved in scouts. That really makes me sad. BSA is supposed to be a program that teaches boys to be good citizens, right? A gay boy is still a boy. He should still get a chance to participate. A gay man is still a man. Being gay doesn't affect your ability to be a good person. If a man feels that he can contribute to the growth and learning of young boys, then he should be allowed to do so. Being gay doesn't make you an evil person. Being gay doesn't change the fact that you are human. Being gay doesn't change your desire to participate in the community. These boys are the future of America. Do we want them to love everyone and have everyone's best interest at heart? Or do we want them to grow up not liking what's different? If we don't raise the future of America to be good citizens and leaders, we can't expect them to help in the progress of America. What we do now will affect not just the boys and gay men, but the entire future.

Here's another random picture!

 NATHAN! We celebrated our 4th anniversary on Sunday. Well Saturday, but it was actually Sunday.

Here's another random thought!

Earlier today, as in an hour ago, a lady came in with two high school aged boys. The lady was a coordinator for the Summer Bridge program at UVU. (Summer Bridge is a program that allows high school students to come and take college classes.) I think it's awesome how much she really cared about each of the kids she was with. You could tell that the kids were comfortable with her and could trust her. That's the kind of person I want to be. I want kids, and adults, to feel comfortable around me and trust me.

Here's a random photo from the interwebz!

welp! have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


In case you didn't notice, I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that. 

I don't have any new pictures to post up I am at work and not on my own computer where all my pictures are stored. 

I'll do a quick run down of everything that I can remember! 

First, the fourth of july was really awesome! I had a lot of fun going to Nathan's family's cookout. It was the first time in all four years that Nathan and I have been together that I went to it. So that was neat! We played 2-base baseball with his brother, cousins, and uncle. The backyard wasn't that big, but it was still really tiring to play. =) 

Nathan and I also got to go boating twice last week! We went Monday with Charlie (his brother), Russ, and Natalie. The water was pretty warm and it was a lot of fun to be out on the water. (I have a picture of this one somewhere)

Also, we saw pelicans on Utah Lake. Someone please explain to me why I saw pelicans on Utah Lake... If they're native here, how come I hadn't seen them before?! Strange.

We went boating on the fourth as well. The water was cooler, and there were a lot of boats (obviously). It was still a lot of fun. Deer Creek is always pretty good. 

Due to all the fireworks this week, Derek has become obsessed with them. Everyday he asks if we can do fireworks or "splarklers." 

Unfortunately, almost everyone in my house got sick this weekend. We all had terrible headaches, some had sore throats, and others had tummy aches. The good news is, we're all better now! Except for Derek, who is still a bit under the weather. 

Construction on the school is terrifying. I've been working in a continuous earthquake. If you know me, you know my greatest fear is an earthquake. I've been running on adrenaline. I think, however, it's helped me a get over that fear a little bit. Which is good, right? However, if there is a real earthquake, I will have a really long way to get out of the building, as the front is now buried under rubble. =/ 

Today is the 1457th day of mine and Nathan's relationship. That's almost four years. Crazy, right? I can't believe I've known him for four years! It doesn't feel like it at all. I've loved every single day, though! We've done a lot together, and we'll keep doing a lot!

Some of the things we've done this week include trying new recipes, visiting the city creek mall for the first time, and going to the lake to get some fun pictures. This Sunday is our anniversary. I'll try to be good and post pictures. 

For now that's all. Sorry for the long and pictureless post! 

Friday, July 6, 2012


These are a few pictures off mine and Nathan's cell phones. Just some silly updates.

I made the pink vest. It was supposed to be a shirt, but I messed it up, so it became a vest. 

I also made this tie-dye shirt. I didn't do the dying, I just cut it up into a shirt. Notice how I'm standing in the exact same pose in those pictures... 

I was making a scarf (out of a t-shirt) and thought that the top scrap part would make a nice shirt. What do you think? Of course I would lose the gray shirt underneath. ;) (by the way, I was kidding with that)

At work we got the lost and found. I had fun putting these glasses in the database. =) 

sorry that all the pictures are sideways. I didn't take the time to turn them. 


I'll post more later, and I promise they will be real posts. I just have been sort of busy lately. I do have some stories (if I remember them all) that are kind of interesting. Sorry for the sucky posting lately! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

a short thought

He rested there, only for a moment, to watch her dance. She twirled and spun on the dark stage. A single burning spot light shone on her. She danced to silence, letting her emotions run free. He saw her calm beauty, but knew of the heat that burned inside her. Though he wandered, he never left her side. He was drawn to her, but knew it could never be, for he was the moon and the earth was she.