Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 3...thousand.

It's been three days at school. Only three. Being a senior sucks a bit. We should parking preference for all the work we do. 33000 students...8000 parking spots. It's one giant game of musical chairs...a game I have never ever liked. UVU went from:

To this:

I dare you to find a parking spot there...

As a result of all this:

Our student center has become this:

Due to all the chaos and confusion caused by the man made earthquakes, the students currently feel like this:

It is only day three, though. It might get better eventually. In the mean time, I'm going to just breathe and eat some:

Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm watching Kayaking

First off,these kayakers are ridiculous. They don't have arms and oars. They have large propellers... I can't even keep a kayak from tipping. Crazy.

Second, the room I am in is vibrating a lot. The construction vehicles outside are really really big, and they idle a lot. I don't know if I would realize we were having an earthquake if one started right now. Who knows, maybe we actually are having one! (Gosh, I hope not...)

Third, I will post about Lake Powell. I have a few pictures, and some stories. And a short (long) video of me being scared.

Now the real point of this post.

Raise your hand if you like speaking for yourself. Now put your hand down and stop looking silly.

We all like speaking for ourselves. If I were to say that you, the reader, hated people with brown hair and you believed all people with red hair should be kept in their own colony where they can't contaminate other people, you would not be okay. (I wouldn't either. I have very brown hair...) I have no right to even say that. All I know about you is that you're currently reading this blog.

None of us enjoy being spoken for, so what gives us the right to speak for our God?

This is a UDOT sign on the exit at University Avenue in Provo. UDOT officials left the sign unlocked and someone came in and changed it. (In case you didn't already read the story somewhere on the internet.)

We've all seen signs like this in the hands of picketers. We've seen the facebook posts, the t-shirts, and we've heard the comments. No matter how many times we see it, it never gets better.

This person is speaking for their god (whether that be my God, the trinity, Jesus, Allah, Buddha, or whomever you worship). I don't know what you believe as far as God goes, but it seems to me that God has an opinion of His own. What makes you think he likes to be spoken for by people who don't and can't really know him? We know he created this world, he created humans, he gave us everything we have (essentially). We don't know what makes him smile, or cry, or if he has any allergies. Whether you support gay rights or not, we don't know if God does. We cannot actually know if God hates Gays.

I feel like it was a self-proclaimed Christian that did this. (We don't really see Muslims and Buddhists protesting homosexuality.) From what I understand, Christ was a man who loved everyone. He was compassionate and caring. He listened and he helped. Like I just said, He loved everyone. He wasn't going around saying "Yeah, I don't like your outfit. I refuse to love you until you change your clothes." Raise your hand if you heard a story like that. (If you're raising your hand, you're just making this difficult.)

The point is, Christ loved all men. Christians believe in being like Christ. If someone hates another person, then they aren't Christians, are they?

There's a story in the bible. (Don't be angry at me if I get this wrong, I am awful with scripture stories.) A woman is about to be stoned for committing adultery (not sure why the man got off the hook there, but that's beside the point). She comes to Christ with the people accusing her of the sin.  Christ simply replies something along the lines of "If any of you are sinless, let him stone her first." No one could throw a stone, as none of them were sin free.

None of us are sin free. None of us can throw a stone at someone else for doing something wrong. None of us have the right to deem others of being unloveable. I don't know what you believe as far as homosexuality goes, but it doesn't matter. What matters is that the man who loves another man is still a man. He still has the same gooey insides that we do. He still has blood like us. He was born like we were. God doesn't just pick and choose. Christians believe that God loves us whether our sin be lying, stealing, or even murder. A sin is a sin (mind you, I know that some are far more serious than another, but it's still a sin).

If you believe being gay is a sin (and I believe this person does), then God doesn't love you either. If you can stand there and say that God hates someone for something you believe to be a sin, then God hates you for your sin.

My point is we need to be pro love.

I love Nathan.
I love my family.
I love James.
I love my classmates.
I love my coworkers.
I love my neighbors and ward members.
I love these really frustrating construction workers.
I love the workers at Harmon's (they're really helpful).

I don't need reasons to love people. I don't need them to jump through hoops to impress me. They exist and that is enough.

I went to a funeral this week, for a girl who loved everything. She loved everyone. She didn't pick and choose. She didn't hate people who weren't sick, or who did things differently than her. She loved them.

If I can do it, if she can do it, then I imagine God does it without even thinking about it. I don't know if God loves everyone, or if he hates everyone, but I know that he wouldn't pick and choose. He won't love someone who channels their anger into another of his creations, not if he doesn't love someone who is gay.

Saying "God Hates Gays" does not make you brave. It doesn't make you respectable. It makes you look silly and rude. It makes people not want to be around you. It makes me, personally, sad.

I love my gay friends, and I always will.

well, time for work.

Go love someone today!