Thursday, March 28, 2013


I've been a bit stressed this week. There are 4 weeks until graduation. Not that that means a whole lot, other then EVERYTHING CHANGES!! No big deal. =/

My poor stressed mind has been forgetting everything lately. I barely know what day of the week it is. It's a pain...especially for homework reason. 

There is one bright side to this. EVERYTHING IS HILARIOUS! 

Yesterday I wore my maxi skirt (which I love with my whole heart), and some nice new white sandals. I only went to work, was inside all day. I got home, and my shoes were gray! I took them off...and my feet were grey. Turns out my skirt is also a great broom (quote Brian). I had successfully cleaned all the halls at UVU. You're welcome. As gross as it was, I got to soak my feet, which was great! 

Today, though...not so great. I'm wearing a knee length skirt (which I also love with my whole heart). My shoes are comfy, not white...not dirty. I thought today was going well. Until... well... this happened:

Never have I ever done that before...but I suppose it was bound to happen with all the skirts I've been wearing. Now I know why it's important to pull my skirt down when using the restroom.

Hope it made your day definitely made mine more interesting! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

more silly posters

because I was bored today while being sick

For work

for work

for work (there is an edited one, I just haven't saved it as a jpg)

for work

for work
Clearly, I am really productive at work... haha

Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Chair

I found these chairs, when I got my antique chairs. They were incredibly icky. So I fixed them!


I don't do zebra. Not for myself. But Mak does...A lot. She recently got a loft bed and lost her place to sit in our room. She started using my bed. As much as I love someone else's crumbs in my bed, I had to make these for her. They look great in her room, and I had a great time making them! (There are two.)

Happy Spring, everyone!

Photoshop Addiction

Look what I made!

Recently, I've been making a lot of posters for Campus Connection. I got a little carried away and addicted, so I made this one! I really like this song, as sung by Al Martino. So I made it a poster.

Deal with it.