Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Long Time No See

Have I used that title before? Probably. But it's true. I haven't posted in a while.

I won't bore you with all the mundane details of what has happened since I last posted. (When was that? I don't even remember.)

The biggest thing that happened was my wedding! Woot Woot!

The process was an ordeal. No one told me that before going into it...and I kept it simple. I got my dress for $30 at Macy's (don't knock it. I bargained for a discount, and it was on sale anyway). We got married in a temple, and had the reception and luncheon at a church. So (other than food), both free. Including food, clothes, and decor, we didn't spend over $1000. (This was largely due to all the donations and help we received from our families.)

But even with all that simplicity, it was an ordeal. Moving was an ordeal (have I mentioned that I have never moved in my life until now?). Getting settled is an ordeal (it's a work in progress). Learning my new role in life is an ordeal. It's all very new.

The hardest part for me was changing my name and having a small identity crisis. I don't know if everyone feels that, but I certainly did. I was no longer at the front of the alphabet. Instead I'm nestled in the middle. Waking up each morning in a room that wasn't familiar was hard. Trying to find outfits in my new clothes arrangement was hard. Looking back, this all sounds so silly, but it was difficult. No one told me about that part of being married. If they had, maybe I'd have better prepared for it.

It's over now (the crisis, not the marriage), and it feels like it never happened. It's almost as if I've always been a wife. It feels like Rich and I have been married since the dawn of time. It feels like my new home has always been my home (except, I still can't find things in the kitchen). It feels like this has been my life for longer than two months. I feel like if I ever switched back (my name, bed, room) I would be more lost. This all just feels right.

Anyway, enough of the words. In case you don't follow my Instagram, or you don't look at my photos on FB, here are a couple of pictures for ya:

Our doormat. Welcome Home! 

Turning these rooms into a home. The bottom right was our cake topper. 

Photo by Scott Twitchell

Photo by Scott Twitchell. Cake by Stacey Cazier.

This family right here is a large reason for my wedding going so smoothly. Not only did they give me great examples growing up, they also helped pull together a wonderful wedding. I am so lucky to have them in my life. 

I'm going to try to post more. Maybe. No promises.

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