Friday, April 16, 2010

SLR Baby!

I got my new DSLR! It's a simple one, just a little rebel xsi by canon, but i LOVE it! When we went to Park City yesterday I got a little snap happy. I took over 300 pictures. I deleted some when I got home, so I ended up with 277... I love it! I don't care what I'm taking pictures of, I just love taking pictures! I love the feel of the camera in my hands. It feels better than holding a pen does! The sound of the shutter click makes my heart race. Zooming and focusing on whatever I please sends shivers up my spine! I love it! I live for it! It sounds incredibly cheesy, but I do! I feel like I'm holding something magical. I want to go take pictures of everything. I want to snap away at the world. I want to share parts of my world with someone else. I want people to see things they don't see, or see things they do see but in a whole new light. I want to take a million pictures and hand them to a million people and ask them what it means to them. I want to take pictures of everything I see right now and put them in a box so that my kids' kids' kids' kids can see what I saw sitting on my bed sluffing school.

I really couldn't have asked for a better gift. Now I just need photoshop... and more lenses, and a studio, and a gallery, and a name that's easier to pronounce so that people can talk about my photos without getting hung up on my name... Baby steps steps.

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