Tuesday, April 6, 2010


For the first time ever I read through the poems I wrote way back forever ago. I wrote them in 2007 apparently. I always thought it would drive me nuts to read things I've written, but surprisingly reading them didn't bother me too much. I saw a lot of places where I could change the poem to make more sense or sound better, but I liked them anyway.

I wrote them about people and events that were going on at that time. I don't remember most of them though. As I read them I pictured things happening now, or people I know now. All the poems I wrote about Danny from before apply better to Nathan. Or poems that I wrote about school and math class back then apply way better to my Ethics class or my English class. There are some from back then that I couldn't apply anywhere.

The one big thing I got from reading all this was an idea... for a wicked awesome addition to my story which I plan to make into a movie someday. =)

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