Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So bizarre

For those of you who don't know, I have a deathly fear of earthquakes. I almost had a melt down when Haiti was hit, then when Chile was hit I really freaked out. Then sadly Cali was hit and yea...I'm earthquake proofing my house this summer. Anyway, I hate earthquakes.

So the night before last (Monday night) I dreamed that I was on a cruise down eighth north. It was a REALLY bumpy ride because there was a storm coming (and this storm came with an earthquake because we could predict that kind of stuff). Our boat driver (who looked like he just got from an exploration of the jungle) told us to buckle up. I unfortunately didn't buckle up correctly. I was thrown from the cruise ship (which was like one giant canoe) and landed on my back in this massive field of dead grass. I looked up and there was a huge tornado. It was about three miles across. I got up and took off sprinting away from the tornado. I could tell it was headed south east, so I headed south west. Unfortunately it still got me. I curled up in a tiny ball and watched as everything around me got sucked into the massive funnel. thankfully I stuck to the ground. Even better, I woke up before the earthquake hit.

Then last night I dreamed that I was almost killed in a freak helicopter crash. I was standing on the lawn of the mortuary with mom and grandma when I heard a helicopter. It didn't sound right though. I looked up and there was this helicopter flying right at me...more like falling. It's blade on top wasn't spinning right. Mom and grandma were on the other side of the lawn and told me to run. I ran clearly out of the path. I was safe. Then the copter crashed. Pieces of it went EVERYWHERE. I unfortunately got caught in the debris. A piece of the blade went spinning into me and cut the side of my neck. My arms and legs were all completely thrashed from metal and pieces of glass. I called 911 but I passed out from lost of blood. I woke up five months later in the hospital. Grandma let me get this HUGE frozen yogurt in a waffle cone (which sounds really good right now). I would just be minding my own business when I would have flash backs from the copter incident. Thankfully I woke up.

I really hope I don't dream about a random tidal wave from Utah lake or something tonight...

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